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Author: Bruno Thursday 1 April 2021

This week we will have a break due to the Easter holidays. The agency will remain closed from Thursday to Monday, but we would like to recommend reading, as it is one of the biggest companies. We cannot travel much, luckily more than a couple of weeks ago, but a book always keeps company, in the good times and bad times, when travelling and when at home… and finding a moment for reading is not only healthy but therapeutical and recommendable for anyone. Here is a link with the novelties of the authors in the agency. We know there is a book for each reader and a reader for each book. Enjoy this break and let us know if you have taken on any of our titles and if you liked it. Read to live.


Author: Bruno Thursday 25 March 2021

The blog today is very special for me. Firstly, because thanks to another author, Francesc Soler, I have an author like Miriam Tirado, a reference in parenting and relationships. And thanking someone who helps you is something I have learnt from Miriam. I would like to thank Francesc for giving me the opportunity and Miriam for trusting me with her picture books, as she is an example among parents and, with her book RABIETAS, we have sold over 75,000 copies, after publishing right after the damn pandemic dashed so many plans. However, everything has a bright side and, during the lockdown Miriam used her Instagram to write different stories about how we felt, giving voice to parents, neighbors, grandparents, brothers, lovers, and couples in constant ebullition and, thus, you felt appealed by them and by what the world was experiencing. I can promise I waited every night for her to post the story, as it was a moment of peace for me, in such a hard lockdown. So, I should also thank her for that and for considering putting those stories into a book, with the title of REMOVIDAS, which is what Miriam’s stories made us feel and which has been published by Urano in Spanish and by Rosa dels Vents in Catalan (REMOGUDES). These tangled stories move us and characters who draw strength to keep growing and advancing in a period which has taught us that here and now is all that matters-It has faced us with the famous CARPE DIEM that Robin Williams taught to his pupils in the film, Dead Poets Society.
This is a book I recommend to everyone as we have all suffered and are still suffering this strike which has changed our lives, one way or another and is challenging us, but as Miriam says, we should let go and consider that all of this will pass and will have helped us relocate.
It does not mean that the change has been easy or that our future will be, many of us have struggled and are working to make it as easy as possible. But these stories will help us reflect and work as mirrors to gather strength, as the last thing we should lose is hope.
An efficient book which is well written, sympathetic, and necessary.


Author: Bruno Thursday 18 March 2021

Sunday was the first anniversary of the lockdown due to coronavirus. The city of Barcelona was left alone, dim, and empty. I have always liked life in Barcelona and consider the neighborhoods in the city emblematic. Eixample is one of them and walking though it is something I always enjoyed and by reading Berta Jardí’s novel SABER ESTAR, published by Univers, I have been able to feel the Eixample that I like so much.
The novel is a great walk through the current Barcelona, a walk from the perspective of its main character a typical bourgeois of Eixample, a lady who reflects on her surrounding, her reality and on the city which used to be hers and is increasingly unknown. She walks and reflects on her personal relations, the siege of tourist and her relationship with her children. She will also remember her husband, deceased some years ago. A lady who is extinguishing. The clash between the past and the present through a very special perspective.
A novel with Barcelona as the background and character, from the bourgeois Eixample to the more popular areas. A portrait of Barcelona in the past and a reflection on Barcelona today.
Berta Jardí is a fine author who knows how to create wonderful characters and an evocative portrait of our city and its changes. A short and intense novel which will please the general public and will leave a good taste in their mouths.


Author: Bruno Thursday 11 March 2021

Love stories are always nice. It’s a genre that has always been successful in any format. That is why Laila Karouch’s novel, QUE AL·LÀ EM PERDONI published by Columna Edicions, has one of the paramount factors for success: a great love story between Jordi and Samira. A Muslim girl raised in Catalonia, she has a religious father who is open minded and wanted to distance her from the rigid traditions for women in Morocco. An atheist boy, he falls head over heels for her in their first year of college. These relationships between different cultures seem to be accepted in our society, but what cannot be accepted is his atheism and lack of belief in any god. Samira knows that not even her father, who is far more open-minded than the rest, would approve of it. Likewise, Jordi’s acquaintances fail to understand his love for a girl who, despite being integrated in Catalonia, follows Muslim traditions, and wears a handkerchief. They will both need to face their feelings and make challenging decisions.
Bravely, Laila approaches for the first time the love story of a Muslim girl and an Atheist boy. In this 21st century Romeo and Juliet where Samira and Jordi will have to fight against an overwhelming reality: BELIEFS.


Author: Bruno Thursday 4 March 2021

I am especially excited about the book I recommend today, as after the international success of IKIGAI, its authors, Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia have dared to write a book for the teenagers who need answers, the parents who need to know how to provide such answers and for educators or pedagogues who need the tools to guide them. A short book which is clear and beautiful as well as useful. In a context such as the current one, this book makes more sense than ever. The uncertainty of what is to come is the big question every day and, for teenagers, who find it difficult to know what path to follow and what to study, this book is a wonderful guide to discover their aims in life. This is something that many adults do not know yet, it is complex and therefore it is natural to feel stress of anxiety before such matters. Through the trip of the main character, readers will learn to boost their talents and discover their path in life.

I am certain that if I did not have a father like mine, reader and with beliefs that could well be taken form a self-help manual, but which are actual life lessons, I might have been unable to start an agency and start this project. I am sure he would be a reader and recommender of IKIGAI FOR YOUNG READERS to share ideas which seem easy to learn but difficult to apply. I am lucky that he has always helped me and has known how to do so, but for those who do not have that ability, this book is a treasure, a compass for a world that has turned into an uphill battle, even if we are able to reach the top if we really aim for it. The keys can be found in this book of gorgeous edition, published by Destino in Spanish and Fan Books in Catalan. We thank them both for such a lovely and refined edition.

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