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Would you risk your life to save the life of a stranger?

Author: Bruno Thursday 29 February 2024

I am especially excited to talk about this novel on the blog, the new one by Laia Perearnau, author of Francesca de Barcelona, winner of the Nèstor Luján award. Laia returns with an amazing historical novel. The story of a woman who risked her life to help others crossing the border through the mountains. After the Civil War, in Bescaran, a small village in Alt Urgell, the winning side dominates the town and Sol’s family is having a hard time because her father has had to flee and take refuge in France. One day, on a high mountain road, she encounters a dangerous smuggler and witnesses his rape and murder of a Jewish woman that was fleeing the war in Europe. After this, it is she who has to flee and hide among a group of smugglers in Andorra. There she will get to know the world of the smugglers and, while the Third Reich advances to the border and spreads terror along its path, she will discover that among the smugglers there are people willing to risk their lives to save people fleeing from the Nazis.

La Pasadora is a moving story where Laia Perearnau vindicates the neglected and forgotten role that women played in the resistance networks during World War II, while delving into the little-known figure of the passerines, who helped to evade pilots, soldiers, Jews and resistance fighters to Hitler’s regime.

Published by Columna in Catalan and Destino in Spanish, Laia Perearnau returns with a courageous novel based on real events.

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