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Do you know who you are?

Author: Bruno Thursday 22 February 2024

Blogging about a work by Francesc Miralles is not a novelty for me because, fortunately, he is a writer that publishers demand and who is asked to write about different subjects, and although he is already a prestigious writer recognised all over the world, Francesc is capable of accepting commissions and loving that kind of works, however small they may be, if he considers that they can be inspiring books that will help others. He is a writer who is driven by creativity, and always does what he wants to do, but he is also driven by being able to write books that contribute something to the reader, as in this case, when he was asked to write for the youngest members of the household, something he does not usually do, and which is not an easy task. Nevertheless, the result has been excellent, as always. A beautiful album, entitled EL PAÍS DE LOS ESPEJOS, published by Esfera.

This apparently simple album makes us reflect on whether we know who we are, and shows us how difficult it is to find that out. The same person has different ways of being because we depend on the things that happen to us or the different moods we go through. But the best thing about this story is that it lets us know that it is up to us to change what we don’t like and, if we want something, we can fight to get it, because the power is in us and we must believe in it. The most fascinating world we can know is to know ourselves and to be able to be what we want to be and change what we want to change. That is why mirrors reflect what you are, and we must be able to look at ourselves and recognise ourselves. A wonderful message to pass on to the little ones at home and an interesting reflection for the grown-ups, as perhaps many of us still don’t know how to answer the question: Who are you?

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