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Perfect Match: Barcelona, Japan and a serial killer

Author: Bruno Thursday 7 March 2024

This week we recommend a thriller. Malenka Ramos, who the press called “the Spanish Stephen King”, returns with a strong and special novel, as she mixes a lurid death, in Barcelona, with Japanese elements, in this fast-paced plot. I think El asesino de la mascara Noh is a perfect match, because everything that comes from the East continues being a trend, so getting into this thriller already has many of the ingredients to convince readers that they are going to enjoy this novel. Do you know what Noh masks are? Start reading and find out.

Here is the synopsis:

An unusual case has disoriented the police of Barcelona: in the tunnel of an abandoned metro station, a body appears in conditions difficult to explain and harder to believe. The corpse has had part of its face ripped off and a mask from the traditional Noh theatre in Japan has been placed in its place. When the police unit in charge of the case is trying to understand what has led a person to commit such a crime, a second body appears in similar conditions. Next to her, lies the documentation of the ex-girlfriend of inspector Andreu Martí, who will face the most difficult case of his career.

A novel of intrigue, bordering on “terror”, for brave readers who enjoy these novels that, from time to time, take your breath away. Do you dare?

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