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Genre: Self-help and coaching
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 160

How would our life be if instead of learning how to meet other people expectations, we learned how to love ourselves among everything else? Sonia Rico has created a self-love decalogue that transforms the ten divine commandments into commandments of happiness. Starting with self-love, which is the philosopher stone of this book, suggests commandments like «you will not promise in vain», «you will not steal your dreams» or «you will not be hostage of your believes», each one of which offers us surprising with discoveries and interesting challenges to get out of our comfort zone. The author, who is a therapist and experienced coach, hits the nail on the head with every inspirational story, every exercise and tool, every practical example with which she wants to bring to light those commandments that we all carry inside and that limit us. An empowerment method to gain self-love, health, confidence, motivation, creativity and success in all areas in life.

This book that you have between your hands is highly therapeutic. Firstly, because throughout these 10 commandments of happiness you will learn to recognize everything that is not yours, and, by elimination, you will get what it is essential to you». From the prologue of Francesc Miralles.

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