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Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 8 September 2021

I know Nadia Ghulam since more than ten years ago and she is one of the best people I have met. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she spent her childhood and adolescence, which were pretty rough given that she made herself pass as her brother, who had died, in order to save her family, until 2006 when she left the country and started living like a refugee in Catalonia. She works as a social educator and is an activist for human rights and peace. She has never stop fighting for her country and her Afghan family. Nadia founded the Ponts per la Pau association (Bridges for the Peace Association) which helps children from Kabul to have an opportunity, the one Nadia did not have, by means of education, despite de situation of the country, the one who, unfortunately, has fallen behind and Nadia vindicates now more than ever that we must do something. Her book THE SECRET OF MY TURBAN, published by Columna and Planeta, which has been in the market for more than ten years and has been translated to eleven languages, is about her real story, the one we should all read to know how they used to live in Afghanistan and because after the latest news of the country, seas of people have wanted to leave and become refugees in any other part of the world where there pain and abuse do not exist. Many of us can not imagine this sensation but when Nadia talks about it make your hairs stand on end while stirs the fighting spirit she had and that she keeps alive now more than ever.

This week goes on sale Nadia’s first children’s book, illustrated by Mona Brunet, THE LAND OF THE WINGLESS BIRDS, published by La Galera in Catalan and Spanish, where Nadia has tried to write about the people that escape for having a home and a place to shelter. She dedicates this book to the refugees, her country, the most vulnerable children and to all the people that time after time must fight for their wings to grow, to fly and to find a nest. A book that was started in 2019 and that sees the light just in this moment so convulsive for her native country but so necessary for those of us who live in a world with commodities and can choose when and how do the things we want, gain necessary awareness since little. A book all parents should read to their children to get to know little Bibí and her family who live happyly in the land of wingless birds. One day hundreds of different birds appear in the sky, birds with wings, who see themselves superior to the others and have no respect for anything. Life will change for all those birds that until then have lived peacefully. The fire and horror start to destroy everything, the winged birds run away without helping others. How will the wingless birds avoid the fire? They must run away to survive. Bibí decides to run without looking back, builds a pair of wings with stems and leaves that help to lift her a little but the rain and the wind destroy them. Alone will get nowhere. Who will help little Bibí to get past her fears and set out on this long journey? There is always someone good, I need to believe that, who gives you a helping hand, in this case, wings to help you fly.

Nadia is a born fighter, and with this book we can not only learn about friendship, courage and to worry about others, we can also think about a country that yet again is in the wrong hands and needs our help to no go back.

Buying this book is a first big step because reading always makes us better.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 2 September 2021

Thursday, the first one after the well deserved holidays, and we want to welcome you to the beginning of this new course, which will come loaded with so many literary releases, which, as always, we will be sharing with you through this blog and our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube, I encourage you to join if you are not already, and also encourage all those who love books to follow us, this way you can be updated of the novelties of our authors, but also with the news and important things in the Publishing World.

Many of you have already visited our new offices in the center of the Barcelona neighborhood of Gracia (Milà i Fontanals, 14, 2º 3ª, 080012) where we are very comfortable and with a different concept of how to approach our work with all the changes that this year and a half has raised us.

We have 4 months left of this 2021 to enjoy good books, discover new voices, consolidate the already known ones and continue walking together in this publishing world that never stops surprising us.


Author: Bruno Thursday 24 November 2022

This weekend has been a tough one for me. A 54-year-old friend of mine is gone, after fighting cancer for a year and a half. He was the healthiest and most athletic person you can imagine, and when he was diagnosed with that malignant tumour, we all clung to the hope that if anyone could fight it, even though the chances of life were slim, it was him. That strong and courageous person who was never afraid of anything. However, this was not the case, and we have had to accept this unfair and hard-to-digest goodbye. It is these situations that make you reflect on the fact that we only have one life and we have to live for the moment, but the unfortunate thing is that something big always has to happen before we have time to stop and listen to ourselves. It is then that we realise we cannot wait to enjoy life thinking that the extraordinary things will come, because it is the little things that fulfill us and give meaning to each day. This was very important to my friend, and that is why I know that he will be on a high peak enjoying the views of the world and watching from there that everything is going well for us around here.

For this reason, LA VIDA EMPIEZA CADA DIA, the book published this week by Anne Igartiburu, has a special meaning for me. As Anne says: LIFE IS HERE AND NOW. Anne Igartiburu, who has been a communicator for more than two decades, is one of the most loved and recognised television hosts in Spain. Over the last few years, she has carried out a beautiful work of divulgation in the field of emotional wellbeing, one of her great passions and in which she has trained with some of the best professionals in different fields. Her meetings with experts in psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and philosophy on her different broadcasting channels and on her podcast Mi Latido de Más have brought her great recognition.

In this book she wants to share some of her most precious learnings from these years of work, and with the help and encouragement of Francesc Miralles, she has written this book where she offers us 366 thoughts that invite us to be aware of who we want to be in each moment, to be closer to ourselves and to live more intensely in the present moment. Living is not static. Life is destroyed and built with every breath, with every tick, with every dawn and every small gesture. That is why this book is an ideal companion in the adventure of existing. Little bits and pieces that help you remember what we easily forget. A great gift to help remind everyone we love that LIFE BEGINS EVERY DAY.


Author: Bruno Thursday 17 November 2022

It’s been almost a month since we returned from the Frankfurt Book Fair, a fair where international publishers have been looking for more non-fiction books than fiction books. This business is a pendulum swing, and now it is the turn of the non-fiction concepts to win the game. However, we never give up, and we keep moving the fiction we believe in, against all odds, because we know that at any moment this can change. Now, books like Sonia Rico‘s are catching our attention. She publishes this week in Terapias Verdes (Urano) EL HÁBITO HACE AL MONJE: PEQUEÑOS PASOS PARA TRANSFORMAR TU VIDA (THE HABIT MAKES THE MONK: SMALL STEPS TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE). From the reference that Sonia makes with this popular saying, she transmits us that it is our habits that shape the people we are. What we think, feel, and do shapes our existence every day. We often think that it is the big events that are going to significantly change our existence and we forget that our life is a reflection of what we constantly repeat, both what is good for us and the opposite.

A fulfilling existence is possible through training, like almost everything else in life. But, for that, it is necessary to learn some things and unlearn many others. Here is the key to the question: Do you feel unhappy at certain times? Do you live under stress or suffer from anxiety? Do your negative thoughts deceive you? Do you find it difficult to live simply? Do you fail to love your environment in an altruistic and unconditional way? Do your daily chores weigh you down? Do you think your life could be better?

Sonia Rico’s book offers a new way of looking at and going through one’s life. The author, who is a yoga teacher, therapist and experienced coach, teaches us, through various resources, that we have all the conditions to be happy. We have everything in our hands to achieve it, we just have to train ourselves with small steps, which we can take every day. A philosophy for us to be able to live being present and to appreciate the beauty of life. Many people wrongly wait for happiness to come, but happiness is already within us. And to learn how to operate with it you must read Sonia’s book and know which things you should integrate in your daily life, and which ones you should eliminate.

Buddha was not a God, nor a magical being. He simply developed powerful habits that helped him to take care of his body, his mind, and his relationship with the world. Many of his teachings were passed down to Buddhist monks to be practised daily. Best of all, you too can incorporate them into your life, so don’t wait any longer… and get into the habit!

Can you imagine appreciating the beauty of life in every moment, enjoying every moment without waiting for the extraordinary, loving your daily chores, living without stress or anxiety, and finding your balance? The coach and author of TE AMARÁS TE SOBRETAS LAS COSAS, her previous book, has created a manual for you to transform your existence. A guide based on the habits of Buddhist monks so that you can enjoy your days with calm, plenitude, and harmony. A clear, short, and simple book so that we can all be happy every day and not dream that we can be happy one day, because as another wise man told me: Happiness is small moments of joy, live them or you will die waiting for that Great moment that may never come.

Some Tibetan monks have been called the happiest people in the world. Something you too can achieve, through practice. Worldly life is a magical path, full of challenges and learning. You may just need to open your soul’s eyes and get ready to walk. This book facilitates a new way of being in your life: finding your true essence beyond thoughts, loving your daily tasks, simplifying your days, and savouring them slowly, accepting the flow of existence and, above all, cultivating compassion for yourself, for all beings and for everything around you. When you feel that your life is a miracle, you will unfold the unconditional love and energy needed to live in true balance.


Author: Bruno Thursday 10 November 2022

There is an urban legend that says that literary agents like to read everything. However, I would say that it is exactly the opposite, because as time goes by you have read so much that you become very picky, and it becomes increasingly difficult to like something one hundred percent – at least for me. Sometimes it even makes me angry because this level of demand is mostly imposed by extra-literary reasons that make reading always professional, and you always find yourself reading with a critical eye. On the other hand, what this profession does give you is intuition, and you know perfectly well when you are in front of a text that moves you, that doesn’t leave you indifferent, that traps you and makes you look for any time to read because that’s what you like and because you are in front of a perfect text. And that is exactly what has happened to me with Clara Peñalver, a new author in the agency, but not in the profession.
Her new and haunting thriller, LA IMPORTANCIA DE TU NOMBRE trapped me in such a way that I enjoyed this genre, which is not usually what I like the most or what I would choose to read in my free time. And when this happens, many of you who are readers, and read this blog, will know that it is an inexplicable and very comforting feeling. Waiting to see what happens until the end, but at the same time not wanting that book to end that has you hooked and makes you enjoy those moments that are just for you. An incomparable pleasure, that’s what reading is, and that’s what Clara has achieved with this novel.
This disturbing thriller has a brutal premise: the life of a renowned therapist explodes when she finds herself trapped in the macabre psychological game of a stranger. Elena Maldonado, a prestigious psychologist in the Salamanca neighbourhood, receives a message in which someone claims they are going to murder one of her patients and that she will have to decide which one and how he should die. At first it seems like a bad joke, but she soon discovers that her anonymous puppeteer knows all her secrets and that, if she doesn’t follow the rules of the game, her daughter will be in danger. The good news is that Elena knows how people’s minds work. The bad news is that her stalker’s cruelty seems to be totally inhuman. Who are they and where does all this hate come from? How long has she known them? Is she unknowingly sharing her daily life with a sadistic killer?
It’s been a long time since I’ve been captivated by a thriller like this, and the truth is that I can’t stop recommending this novel to those who like mystery, intelligent and surprising twists in a text where you never know what’s going to happen. It keeps you in tension until the last page. You will be suspicious even of yourself. And that can only be done by a good writer like Clara, who deserves, with this thriller, to be recognised as one of the best authors of the genre.


Author: Bruno Thursday 3 November 2022

We have returned of the fair of Frankfurt, which has been very productive, and are happy therefore, and so that we have us noticed that our authors have aroused a lot of interest, especially the authors that write nonfiction, and pose on the new table concepts, and new visions.

One of the books that has aroused more interest at this fair has been DINEROGRAMA, of Nacho Mühlenberg, which explains us fair and square and simple the account that every one has with their money, and depending thereof, and each one will be able to achieve have a healthy economics and balanced.

It does not promise that we will make us millionaires, does not attempt us detail a rigid method, how make a lot of books of finances, but that teaches us at the fact that learn how is our account with the money, and in this way like being able to make your sheet of path with your economics, surpass our fears, beliefs, behaviors and wishes at account with him, to attain wealth of practical mode and live the lifestyle that each one elect.

Nacho is conclusive with his affirmations so that it has lived it at his own experience, and when resolved his account with the money, achieved to stabilize and can an important thing as how the economic part of his life, and being the same who takes the thyme of this.

At nine simple steps and accessible, Dinerograma provides this sheet of path to pass of being an ignorant at the finances at having the economic control of our life, which I think that all those that are reading this blog long. And for this reason, this book that publishes  today, already has sold more of 25000 copies at the pre-ordering, which commenced the 17 of October, and maintains  at the 1 at finances, so that how say you, and do not dupe you, is a basic book to be able to understand the financial part of a same and can’t live at continual suffering for the economic motif, that is one of the fundamental legs of our lives, want to or no. I warn you at reading this book and at recommending it at all those that want to the ones well, so that if I had read it before, it would have eschewed me sufferings, that is always a discharge to be able to live more calmed, more relaxed, and definitely more happy.


Author: Bruno Thursday 27 October 2022

Today I’m writing this blog about Alejandro Palomas‘ latest book, ESTO NO SE DICE, and the truth is that I don’t really know where to start.  I have represented Alejandro for almost 20 years, and, besides being my friend, he is one of the best writers in the agency. We have had a relationship that has been growing and, like all relationships, it has had its ups and downs, but it has reached a point where it is a healthy, pure, wonderful relationship, far removed from the strictly professional. With a look, with a wink, with our silences we know everything about each other. So, you can imagine my shock when I read ESTO NO SE DICE, published by Destino this week, where he explains the abuse he suffered at the age of eight from his teacher.
During these 20 years he had talked to me about this period, but very little, nothing profound. I never knew how far this situation went, and when he told me that he was going to explain his experience in the media, I couldn’t believe it. I could hardly listen to him, I had to turn off the TV more than once.
However, as I read from his words how his childhood was marked by abuse, something that had never happened to me occurred: I was speechless. How can someone explain so wonderfully well such a terrifying experience? I still can’t get over my astonishment. Alejandro has made a ground-breaking book, shocking, but at the same time luminous, and that can only be done by a majestic writer. A true master of letters. Whoever thinks they are going to find something unpleasant in this narrative is mistaken. You will find a hard, cruel, but serene testimony, from his truth, to explain the memories of his childhood, the wonderful relationship he had with his mother, and in spite of this, how  difficult it was for him to confess that he was suffering when he was just a child, how he was able to resist among so many shadows, the rejection of a father, and how writing literally saved his life.
Why is it that an athlete, a singer or an actor can explain their memories, almost always dramatic, and a writer, who can best express an experience in written form, cannot? There are people who ask him why he has done it now, they think he has taken advantage of the moment and that it is an opportunistic book. Everyone is free to think what they want, but if Alejandro has written this book, it is because he believed he had to, because it is a book that can help many fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. It is a story that talks about how being a hypersensitive person makes you a target for many, not only in the case of abuse, but also bullying, by peers or never feeling part of the group, because you are different. Literature allowed him to create parallel worlds in order to survive and here is his most sincere testimony. It is the reality of a man who chose to live by fighting with the best weapon he had, literature. I know that it is always dizzying to publish a new book, and this one even more so, but Alejandro, you have made a delicate, useful, shocking, tender, and honest book. Whoever doesn’t want to hear the truth, doesn’t have to read it, but denouncing mistreatment in such an accurate way as you do is almost the only way left for us to have hope that this world can be better. Thank you, Alejandro Palomas.

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