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Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Cardona’s Castle, 1478: a man about to be executed confesses to his son that they are descendants of Abraham Abufalia, a rabbi from the XIIIth century, and that their family has been guarding for generations a ring of incalculable worth. After his father’s execution, Mauricio goes to Florence in order to sell the ring.

This is the city of the arts; the Medici family has rescued the classic wisdom from oblivion to promote the renaissance of a new golden era. Mauricio will meet there extraordinary characters: Lorenzo de Medici, Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola, Leonardo da Vinci… But none of them will be as unforgettable as Lorena Ginori, a young woman forced to marry a man she despises. And either none of them will be as revengeful as Luca Albizzi, an ambitious noble who hates everything that the Medici represent. The Pontifical States, the king of Naples and some powerful Florentine families also aim their fall.

Dangers, conspiracies, plagues, invasions… Everything will seem to consume in the bonfire of the vanities when the city gets under the will of a visionary friar. However, as Florence needed to go back to the past to find the key of its future, the protagonists will descent until the hidden roots of their family history to know, at last, the truth about themselves through a thrilling journey in time.       

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Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Andreas – a humble tourist guide – is hired by an enigmatic woman called Solstice Bloomberg to go with her to Jerusalem. Once there, Solstice will reveal him the real cause of her trip to the holy city: recover Judas Iscariot’s old will, handwritten by the apostle himself, before it comes into light to the public and reveals fantastic facts. One of them tells that from the thirty coins he received to betray Jesus, only seven remained, and passed through generations along History until turn into powerful talismans to everyone who owns them.

Andreas has no choice but to collaborate with Solstice to find the coins, which were widely spread.

The only clues they will have will be each of the seven parts that compose Judas’ legacy, which explain where they are hidden and how to recover them. United States, France or Japan will be some of the sceneries they will have to visit to find them, but of course neither Andreas nor Solstice are the only ones who want the treasure… Someone else searches it and will not doubt to use all the necessary resources – including murder – to get it first, in this race against the clock.

A novel riddled with secrets, enigmas and mysteries, full of action and dangers that will show us a new and disturbing view about Judas.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Year 1533. In the small town of Arnes, surrounded by the imposing beauty of the forests and mountains of Tortosa and Beseit, with the river Ebro at the background, Maria, a strong and brave young woman, gives birth to her first daughter, Luna.

Immensely happy, the grandmother Magdalena, an expert midwife and hard defender of the beneficial powers of nature, wants to welcome her granddaughter with an old prayer full of energy and knowledge. But she does it with fateful negligence: the old priest has listened to her words and is determined to do whatever is possible to destroy such heresy.

On growing up, Luna will be taught about the power of the nature elements by Maria and a mysterious text, the Book of Essences, a compendium of all magic and natural knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation throughout the centuries. Now, however, mother and daughter and all their antique wisdom are at risk. Fanaticism and incomprehension are all around the region and the accusations of witchcraft get close to the village.

As honourable heirs of their lineage, Luna and Maria are entitled to protect this secret book and give continuity to the chain, no matter if in their escape to Barcelona they take the risk to end burnt at the stake.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Year 27 b.C. While the Roman army fights to set peace in the villages on the north of Iberia, Emperor Caesar Augustus settles in Tarraco, from where he exerts power and runs all the Empire.

The cosy city, cradle of sea and land of olive trees, soon has its calm daily rhythm mixed up. Among the ups and downs of constructions ordered by the emperor with the aim of turning it the most splendid city of Mediterranea, evil conspiracies take place, caused by the thirst of richness and power.

Only the old doctor Perthus will able to remember, after some years, the cruel facts that shook the city. The murder by treachery of governor Manni and the imprisonment of young Sul·la were just the beginning of a long series of lies, intrigues and injustices. Time, however, always reveals the truth in the end.

From Tarraco to Ilerda, passing by Baetulo and the mountain of Ausa, “El somni de Tarraco” goes vividly into the splendid past of Roman Catalonia. A vibrating novel that allows readers to know a fundamental period of the History.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Two stories that entwines and mixes up in a plot that takes many centuries.

Nowadays: Beatriu and Enric find out that one of their University partners, Ricard, specialized in Medieval History, has been murdered. In his room they find, written in the wall, a paragraph of the Bible.In 1348, in Poblet, Aloi de Monbrai discovers that there are dying many people because of the plague. The visit of Pere el Cerimoniós and the strange death of the queen would lead to an investigation… seven centuries after.

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