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Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 21 January 2019

An epic story based in the War of Succession that takes places in the little village of Cardona and its mysterious salt mines. 

It all begins when Miquel’s family is murdered by Felipe’s army during a slaughter at the village. Miquel is saved by his sister and hidden in the woods, but he will no longer be the kind and humble man he used to be: he will become savage and heartless looking for revenge. The Wolf of Cardona will be the Bourbons’ worst nightmare.




Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 15 November 2018

[I could have saved Lorca]

A story about memory and regret, of how everything could have been, but never was.

“I could have saved Lorca.” I heard my grandfather mutter this phrase when I was a child. He was from Granada, his name was Manuel Bonilla Jimenez and he was a quiet man. My parents left me with him some weekends. One day he showed me a gun … I knew that he had fought in the Civil War. Granada … García Lorca … Civil War … It rang a bell, but … what did my silent grandfather have to do with all that? What was a quiet man hiding with his “I could have saves Lorca”? That’s the begining a journey that will tear several veils of a crucial trance of the history of Spain and post-war Catalonia, a trip full of fortuitous encounters, personal events, unique findings, illuminating interviews with glimpses of Dalí, Buñuel and other personalities, various stumbles and discoveries in the human geography of yesterday’s Andalusia and today’s Catalonia that will create an intriguing plot that precipitates the history of Spain in a vibrant collective tale that will resonate in the familiar and personal depths of thousands of readers


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 17 October 2018

The revolutionary invention of a young blind boy who saw what others could not. Coia Valls’ most ambitious work to date reveals the moving story behind the creator of the Braille system. A memorable novel about personal triumph that recalls Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt and, at the same time, Dickens’ Oliver Twist, with which it shares a heart-warming emphasis on family.

The youngest of a family of leather workers, Louis Braille suffers an accident that will gradually cause him to lose his sight in both eyes. However, driven by his own tenacity and the tenacity of those around him, the young boy refuses to give into despair and chooses instead to pursue a path of adventure and discovery that will take him far beyond anything his contemporaries would have dared imagine. Louis Braille grows up in the first half of the nineteenth century, a time of hope and rebellion, when turbulent currents are running through his native France. His life is a journey of light and darkness, of freedom and oppression, of health and infirmity. His is the touching story of how ingenuity can overcome a lack of resources. Coupvray, Paris, Limoges and Vichy set the stage for Louis Braille’s struggle, the struggle of a man of humble origins to discover the key that would enable the blind to cast off their chains and to discover the key to his own happiness as well.

La Epidemia de la Primavera (The Spring Epidemic)

Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 18 September 2018

The incredible story of a time where passion and love could be the only answer, and the only cure.

The year is 1918 and the Great War is devastating Europe when Gracia Ballesteros is forced to fly Barcelona without notice. She meets Carter Irvine in Burdeux, a young american man that has enlisted as voluntary to fight in the Old Continent. They fall into a relationship that will need to get over distance and the dangers ahead. In the midst of all, more and more people that are apparently well start dying because of the flu, an epidemic that will terrorize the world.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 1 March 2018

Marcel Furriols is no adventurer. In fact, he was born in an enclosed surrounding, not motivating at all, but not a lot of men can brag about having lived as intensively as he has. In his life journey he will meet some of the most amazing men of the early 21st Century: Santiago Rusiñol, Bertrand Rusell, Sigmund Freud, Otto Dix, J. M. de Sagarra… On the other side, he will also have to face with the horrors of war, illness, misery, social uprisings, prison loneliness, the yearning of a far and loved land, the pain of the lost love, and overall, the desire of revenge, the worst of all feelings.

Cinto Verdaguer’s, the priest, funeral, the bohemian environment in “Els quatre gats” or the recurrent visits to “El Cau Ferrat” in Sitges with his grandfather Conrad, will create in him develop critical thinking and a restless spirit. His only passion: being part of the history of thought and leaving an imprint in the world as the Great Men have done.

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