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Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 4 October 2021

Elena Moya goes across the Ebro delta with an unforgettable novel about determination and fight against the destiny.

Buda Island, Ebro Delta 1961, Asun is a girl of eleven years old full of aspirations and dreams who loves to learn in the school of teacher Isidre. Her parents, Mariano and Remedios, work in the rice fields of the Pons family, the owners of the island. Asun knows that the relationship between her mother and the masters, especially with Mr. Max, is tainted with silence. By chance she discovers that her mother used to own some of those lands. Everything changes with the unexpected death of Remedios. Her father decides that she must start serving in the Pons’ house, but the little girl is not ready to assume the destiny her condition has in store for her; she aspires for more and thanks to a lent bike, her wit and the strong determination she becomes one of the most successful businesswomen in the zone. However, she will have to face ghosts from the past to protect everything she has fight for.

After the success of her previous novels, Elena Moya comes back with a story of affection and dreams.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 7 September 2021

Historic novel set in the mid-fourteenth century in Catalunya at a time of plagues and epidèmics, of convulsives reigns, of wars to mantain the power in Italian territories and of witches.

Blanca was a healer, midwife that lived in Vila Major in the 14th century. A woman chased for being a witch and poisonous that seeks shelter in the Castle of Montsoriu, property of one of the most powerful line of the principality. There she meets Bernat II, viscount of Cabrera who became the first consultant of Pere III, the king of the Aragón crown. Often life proves that a very thin thread separates glory from defeat, and envy and the fight for the power can change people’s lives in the blink of an eye.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 May 2021

The novel about the life of Hedy Lamarr, an invaluable woman in the history of the 20th century.

Friedrich “Fritz” Mandl is a young austrian who takes over his father’s destroyed arms factory at the age of 19. In just a decade, he amassed one of the largest fortunes on the planet. He is rich, eccentric, powerful, womanizer, and cunning. A surreal character, adored and feared by many. During the pre-war period, in the 1930s, its clients list included Mussolini, Hitler and Franco, among others. His close friends included names such as Truman Capote, Hemingway, Orson Welles, Eva Perón and General Perón.

In 1933, when he saw the movie Ecstasy, where the actress Hedwig Kiesler performs the first complete female nude and the first orgasm on the big screen, he falls in love with her.

Hedy, was a beautiful and gifted young woman, a student of engineering and theater. He also had a life full of lovers. After filming Ecstasy, she marries Fritz and they live an unbridled passion; But then, due to infidelity and jealousy, the relationship takes a dangerous turn. He locks her in his castle in Salzburg, where he organizes events, meetings and business with politicians, businessmen and judges.

Hedy manages to escape and thus begins his flight across Europe. On board an ocean liner bound for New York, he meets Louis B. Meyer, president of Metro Goldwyn Meyer; Before even reaching their destination, they sign a contract and she becomes Hedy Lamarr, the most beautiful woman in the cinema, who will succeed as a famous actress in Hollywood.

But Hedy is not only beauty and glamor, she is also power, intelligence and work. In addition to cultivating her career as an actress, she studied engineering and invented and patented a communications system to remotely guide torpedoes and ensure contacts between the allies during the war. The system we use today to communicate with mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS is based on this technology.

A true story that takes place between a Europe at war, the United States and Argentina.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 29 January 2021

Any life can change in a minute

In the winter of 1943, Madrid wakes up in the ruins of war. In the suburbs of the city, Daniel hides his true identity and, with it, his past in the conflict. In the other Madrid, the one of the cafés and the shop windows of Calle Serrano, Julita begins to study literature at university and feels the need to separate herself from the future her family had always planned for her.

The minute it takes for two trains to collide

United by the force of destiny, the two young people will coincide in a long journey on the express train from Madrid to La Coruña, fleeing from what others have planned for them. There they will meet and their complicity will be born, without knowing that the train is headed for a catastrophe that will change their lives forever.

The minute it takes for two glances to cross paths

Life in a Minute rescues a sadly unknown episode of the post-war period, the tragedy of a train crash that claimed hundreds of victims and which was silenced by the Franco regime’s press. It does so to show us that love and life can sometimes be born in the rubble.

El misteri d’Arthur Rimbaud

Author: Bruno Thursday 14 May 2020

After Verlaine’s death, the poem that Rimbaud gave him, La chasse spirituelle, travelled from France to Reus, and from Reus to Móra la Nova, where it remained secretly under a floor tile of Esteve’s family oil mill. Luis Esteve was commissioned by his grandfather Antoni to be the secret curator of the poem, a poem that is in fact a grimoire, as Verlaine had insinuated with “sharp psychological intuitions” and “strange mysticisms.” In the course of the novel we will discover how Rimbaud wrote the poem and the rest of his journey.

Halfway between the literary thriller and the historical setting novel, El misteri d’Arthur Rimbaud offers a series of chapters that the reader can read according to the order offered by the author or the one he owns decides.

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