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Author: Bruno Tuesday 25 February 2020

“Set dies de Gràcia” takes us to the industrial Barcelona of the late 19th century where a terrible revolt took place known as the “Revuelta de las Quintas”. Seven days in which the district of Gracia remained on the warpath by refusing to participate in the draw that would condemn not only the future soldiers but also their impoverished families.


Author: Bruno Wednesday 29 January 2020

In the Spain of the 1950s, the first generation of women began to practice medicine. They were the pioneers in a territory still treasured by men and in which, for many, they were intruders. Inspired by the real-life testimonies of female doctors of the time, this novel shows us their battle to overcome the prejudices of patients and colleagues, while at the same time immersing us in a plot full of emotion and mystery.


Author: Bruno Wednesday 29 January 2020

Nos robaron la juventud tells the stories of the “biberones”  who fought on the Ebro, of the volunteers who enlisted as teenagers (in both the Republican and Franco’s armies), of those who survived and (some) continued their fight in World War II, of those who were imprisoned and of those who died on the battlefield.


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 30 September 2019

(Marco Polo’s real story)

Marco Polo’s book inspired Christopher Columbus on his journey to the Americas. But his life and history are not as well-known as it should be… until now.

Marco Polo was an Italian merchant, writer and explorer known thanks to his books where he reveals to the Europeans the wealth and the real size of China.

In this book you will get know the real history of Marco Polo in the two crucial moments of his life. On the one hand, the time during his trip, the stay at the court of Kublai Khan and his return. And on the other, the first days of the luxurious imprisonment in the castle of San Angelo after being defeated in the battle of Curzola (1298), while he still didn’t know very well where he was, being prisoner both of the Genoese and of his own memory.


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 28 January 2019


Did you ever feel that someone was following you? Did you ever had the feeling of having already experienced the present situation? Amelia and Antonia also felt that and, once you start reading Hijos de Berlín, you will never forget their names.

Germany 1932, Hitler is about to reach the power. Berlín is a beehive of emotions and plots.

Barcelona 1962, under the Francoist system, the murder of Amelia took place. A detective not only will have to catch the murderer but also to establish the connection between this crime and the German capital.


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