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El port del nou món

Genre: Historic Novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 375

Barcelona, ​​1477. Given the difficulties of the ships to anchor at the beach, the city authorities have finally decided to build a safe harbor to ensure the commercial future of the Catalans: the port of Santa Creu.

But it is not an easy feat. Despite the experience of renowned Italian engineer Stassi of Alexandria, the constant movement of the sand and tide bring more problems than anticipated. Soon the construction of the port becomes a Herculean undertaking, almost impossible, that changes citizens' life.

Among them, young Marcel Roqueta, son of the foreman. His delicate health stands in the way of his work, but nobody but he knows better Barcelona's street life. Or Lluís Esquiva, expert cartographer, who searches an ancient jewel, will lead them to an unexplored world.

With the splendor of Barcelona's Gothic background, and through places such as Montblanc or Ampurias, in El port del nou món history and adventure come together.

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