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Genre: Self-help and coaching
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 127

Rewriting a text should be a task as exciting as writing. Is the narrated idea confusing? Is it just plain? Did I say less or more than I should have done? Can be captured certain details that I wanted to highlight? Does the story get poor? Does what I say match with the way I want to say? Is there a peculiar style in my writing? What are the crucial points of the review? What should I remove or add? What are the advantages and difficulties offered by the adjective or verb tenses? When should I use a type of phrase or another? These are some of the problems and the resulting strategies to transform a story into a good story that we see in this book. “Cómo lo reescribo” is a working tool for those looking to finish perfectly a story or novel: how to make it concise, unique, meaningful, credible to the writer and, consequently, to the reader.

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