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Genre: Self-help and coaching
Topic: Non-fiction
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Would you like to make a separation that takes care of you and your children and build a full and blame-free life for all? We are the mother and father of two children each, we both carry out a conscious separation and together we have created our linked family. Separation is not harmful to your children, nor does it mean you have failed. What is harmful is the entire burden of fear, judgement, blame and limiting beliefs around it. When a couple’s relationship ends, the family doesn’t break, but switches molds, and you just need to know how to care for your kids in the process and how to make the return trip to rendezvous with yourself. Because your children need you happy, not living together. Linage, ego, cola children, emotional orphan, unlearning learning, automation. After reading this book concepts like these will accompany you so that you can separate yourself in a conscious and responsible manner. ‘

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