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brasileño: Editora Sextante
castellano: Urano


Genre: Self-help and coaching
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 192

Many failures and depressions are based on the misconception that “things are as they are” and they cannot be changed. But the one who is reading these lines now and here is only following one of the many possible paths that could be chosen in his life. As it is said by M. Scott Peck’s poem, when we leave the well-trodden path, we discover a forest of possibilities where everything can happen, because everything is to be done.

Life is full of possibilities of which we are not even aware, because we drive through a single track with our eyes closed. There is people who only see darkness, while others see the stars and are guided by them to new destinations in the same night sky. This inspiring book is for those who know that nothing is resolved and that the best is yet to come.

This book invites us to open our minds to new possibilities offered to explore other limits. Welcome to the book of possibilities. A journey to discovery, success and performance is about to begin.

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