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Your Good Luck Mentality

Author: Bruno Thursday 31 August 2023

A brilliant approach to positiveness through 30 lessons full of exercises, real examples and fables from the author.

Your life is the result of your mentality. The understanding of this simple, but powerful premise, will open the doors of change, being able to choose your destiny.

Mentality is a compilation of beliefs and habits that affect our way of perceiving, interpreting, thinking and judging reality. The good news is that mentality can be changed from funny, happy and surprising learnings, to make it original, positive and constructive: this type of mentality receives the name of Your Good Luck Mentality. Álex Rovira dedicates this work on how to achieve it through his own experience, accompanying thousands in this vital transformation process.

Neurocuídate. Take Care with Neuroscience

Author: Bruno Thursday 31 August 2023

A work that combines neuroscience and well-being to help us live better.

When we breathe, love, smile, run, get angry, sleep, or eat we are generating neuronal connexions and liberating countless neuroquimic explosions in our brains. Did you know that, depending on your lifestyle, you will develop a different kind of brain, and you will feel and think differently?

Everything affects the brain. Discover which emotions guide it, in which ways moving our body improves our cognitive thinking, making us acquire mental and emotional health, how to offer it adequate nutrition and rest, the cognitive impact of social networks, or how to win in creativity and productivity.

Understanding the potentials and imperfections of our brains and discovering all its mysteries is the key to understanding better ourselves.


Author: Bruno Wednesday 30 August 2023

A helping hand to reach the true secret of prosperity through the energy of the Hebrew expression “Mazal Tov”.

The expression “Mazal Tov” (טוב מזל) is an Hebrew locution translated as “good luck”. Comes from the medieval Hebrew word mazzāl (destiny) and, going further away in time, it comes from the Akadian manzaltu (star’s position).

Mazal Tov is a wish expressed orally in Jewish celebrations, and its exact meaning is “I am desirous good things happen to you”. It’s a benediction to make the drip of inspiration flow, in order to recognize what you have and achievieng more.

Furthermore, if we explore the deep meaning of each of the consonants that conform this word full energy and abundance. we shall reach the true secret of prosperity.


Author: Bruno Saturday 13 May 2023


After the success of “Accept and fly”, Mara Jiménez returns.

«I sincerely hope that this book can be a refuge for you, in which you feel accompanied and covered all those days in which it seems that nothing calms you down and that all the theory that you think you know seems to vanish».

In my first book, “Accept and fly”, I wanted to capture my story to try to inspire you and serve as a push. I wanted you to see me from the other side of fear, reaching out to you and showing you that yes, it is worth trying a little more.

“More me than ever” comes with the intention of answering that question “where do I start?”, which we ask ourselves so often when we don’t know how to continue. This book is everything I know and I want you to know, everything that has helped me and helps me to walk the path towards myself.

In these pages we have drawn the map to return to you, to never let go of your own hand again and to always find your light despite any darkness.


Author: Bruno Tuesday 2 May 2023

Why is it important to listen to your emotional brain? Why do emotions affect you so much if you don’t manage them and take advantage of them? What is the neuroscience of emotions? How can you manage them better and follow your inner compass to be happy in your life? Through personal anecdotes, psychologist Monia Presta invites you on a journey of transformation towards personal well-being through her TIE method. The psychologist helps her patients to go through their emotions like a journey, just as the heroes and heroines of ancient Greece did. Learn how your emotional brain works at a neuroscientific level and you will discover how to better manage your emotions using the psychological tools and very practical psychophysical exercises of the TIE Method to transform your life and travel to places of freedom and inner well-being. Thousands of people have already reshaped their lives thanks to the power of the emotional brain and the TIE Method.

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