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Author: Bruno Thursday 17 November 2022

Do you imagine how your life would be without anxiety?

This book is a powerful tool to leave it behind. If you are trapped because of her and you venture to navigate between these pages you will discover why you still feel like this and how, using simple techniques, both from physics and mental, you will successfully overcome it.

Through very personal anecdotes, Ferran Cases explains his experience with anxiety I how he managed to overcome it after more than fifteen years of suffering. Sara Téller, physicist and neuroscience doctor, explains what was going on in Ferran’s head every time he had a crisis and invites you to learn the secrets of the brain so you can forget anxiety forever. This practical manual shows things how they are or how science says at they are right now and invites you to go further. To understand how the brain works is a superpower: to comprehend how you work; and that is the first big step to defeat anxiety.

Maybe something so simple like reading this book, and apply what it says, allows you to overcome what has been from undermining you from the insides, what does not let you enjoy.


Author: Bruno Monday 7 November 2022

Self-delusion is a trap that takes us away from the truth about ourselves. Perhaps the most popular version of the mechanisms of self-deception is the so-called ‘mirror law’, although the metaphor is more accurate when referring to the ‘reflex law’. She warns us of an old axiom: ‘how inward is out’ or, in other words, the world is a huge mirror in which your conscience is reflected. The mirror reflects, but to confuse what it shows us with our true identity. This book will help you discover the projections that cause you suffering and how to work with them to live a life free of mirages.


Author: Bruno Monday 7 November 2022

«Life is what happens here and now». A book full of thougths and lessons from Anne Igartiburu for each day of the year.

Living isn’t something static. Life is made and destroyed with every breath, with every tictac, with every sunrise and every little action. For that, this book is the perfect partner for the adventure of existing. It keeps 366 reflections that will invite you to be conxious of who you are at every moment, to be closer to yourself and to life the present in a more intense way.

Anne Igartiburu, communicator for over 20 years, is one of the most loved and famous television presenter of our country. During the last years she has developed a nice divulgation work about emotional well-being, one of her great passions in which she has been instructed by some of the best professionals of the diferent fields. Her meetings with diferent psicology, psiquiatry, neurocience and philosophy in diferrent media and her podcast Mi Latido de Más have given her a great recognition. In this book she wants to share some of her most useful learns from her work.


Author: Bruno Friday 4 November 2022

Why do some people save every penny and others waste without measure? Why do some generate money very easily and others survive day by day? Why do some plan their finances in detail and others simply improvise?

Nacho Mühlenberg, an expert on eneagrams and financial education, explains in this book how we relate to money according to our personality or eneatypes and helps us transform our fears, beliefs, conduct and desires in relation to it in order to achieve wealth in a practical way and to live the lifestyle that each one wants.

In nine simple and accessible steps, Dinerograma provides a roadmap to move from being an ignorant in finance to having economic control of our life.


Author: Bruno Thursday 6 October 2022

Small steps to transform your life

The popular saying states that the habit does not make the monk, but it is our habits and customs that shape the person we are.

Sonia Rico’s book offers a new way of looking at and going through one’s own life. The author, who is a yoga teacher, therapist and experienced coach, teaches us, through various resources, that we have all the conditions to be happy. We just have to train ourselves with small steps that we can take every day. A new philosophy for us to live being present and appreciate the rhythm and beauty of life.

Buddha was not a God, nor a magical being. He simply developed powerful habits that helped him to take care of his body, his mind and his relationship with the world. Many of his teachings were passed down to Buddhist monks to be practiced daily. Best of all, you too can incorporate them into your life, so don’t wait any longer… and get into the habit!

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