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Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 19 September 2022

Macedonia, 357 BC. The young princess of Epirus, Mírtale, settles in the palace of Pela after her marriage to Philip, king of Macedonia. Both have sealed an unbeatable alliance between their respective kingdoms, but soon Mírtale will find obstacles to adapt to a court where she must coexist with the rest of Philip’s women. In addition, her fondness for snakes will generate the rejection of some aristocrats and nobles, including her own husband.

A year later, Mirtale gave birth to a child and changed her name to Olympias, thus initiating a stage in which her top priority would be the survival of her dynasty. Ambitious and nonconformist, Olimpia will overcome all the difficulties that come her way and will defy anyone who jeopardizes her interests.

Olympias is the portrait of a woman who transcended the gender roles of her time to raise her dynasty to glory. Feared by her contemporaries and reviled by history, she was truly responsible for Alexander the Great’s reign in Macedonia.

Francesca de Barcelona

Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 16 June 2022


An extraordinary woman who wants to be a surgeon, an impossible love, an insatiable struggle. An enlightening story of the Barcelona of the 14th century.

Barcelona, 1382. Francesca is a fifteen year old Christian girl who helps her grandmother Bonanada to work as a midwife. Her aunt teaches her the secrets of the trade and introduces her to the mastery of the remedial plants, but she does not have enough, and although she lives in a very humble environment, she has the firm determination to become a doctor and a surgeon. There is only one problem: this is a career reserved for men and making a place for herself is almost a folly.

Thanks to her job as a caregiver, she often visits the Call. There she will meet Astruc, a young boy from a group of doctors who wants to study medicine. They both agree to share their knowledge: Francesca will teach him everything she knows about plants and he will give her access to his books. But medicine is not her only passion: Francesca is in love with Martí, her childhood friend, and with this love she will start her adult life, an exciting life full of obstacles, love, betrayals and passions.

Based on a true story and with an absolutely enlightening narrative, Laia Perearnau masterfully takes us to the Barcelona of the 14th century, when illnesses were rife, and makes us vibrate with the life of an extraordinary woman, full of determination, who fought tirelessly against the limits imposed on the women of her time.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 13 May 2022

Can a love letter change a life or stop a war?

Would you wait for those words until the end of your days?

Madrid, 1936. Aurora has just come of age and works as a nurse in a troubled city that resists the fire and bombs of the war. In this times of violence, she decides to contribute in the Republican front and begins to write letter to a young soldier, Teófilo, thus becoming – like many other women of the time – a war godmother.

In each letter, the young men will find a refuge in which to express the fears and secrets they cannot say aloud while discovering a love they never imagined. However, in a war full of intrigue and espionage, where everyone is a suspect, the written word can be the most dangerous weapon…

When years later, isolated in the silence of the postwar period, Teófilo finds out that Aurora is still alive, he does not hesitate to try to find again the person who, amidst the fire and gunpowder, made love, calm and peace blossom in him.

This story is a tribute to all those women who took the word as a rifle and managed to grow in the line of fire the strength and hope of the soldiers.


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 20 April 2022

A novel about the anonymous heroines who fought in Girona during the Napoleonic siege.

The novel is based on the Treaty of Fontainebleau, in which Spain and France agreed that they would unite to conquer together Portugal and, once achieved, they divided it up. But to think that Napoleon would pass through the peninsula without trying to conquer it was naive. The city of the four rivers was the victim of a great tragedy that caused thousands of deaths and the destruction of a large part of the city. The novel speaks of the unknown but decisive role that the women played in the defense and recovery of the city, and how they organized themselves heroically in what was called “The Barbarians”, very recognizable because they wore a red ribbon tied on their arm, as red as blood, and because, fiercely, they fought nonstop to defend their home.




Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 January 2022

A fascinating historic novel that reveals the secrets of the triaca: a natural remedy capable of healing any illness.

During the XV century, the world is changing, but medicine is still stuck in the old theriac way stablished in the Classical Antiquity. However, there are both men and women searching new ways of healing the body and the soul, who test alchemistic formulas to achieve the philosopher stone or the elixir of the eternal life. Often, they are seen as demented or wizards, and Magí Surroca is one of them. On the other hand, Beatriu, a rebellious and unfriendly young woman, tries with great difficulties to get out of the stigmatization. Just the power of love and friendship, the absolute surrender to an ideal will allow them to achieve an authentic, full of liberties and fullness life.

Two destinies marked by the boldness of opposing to the stablished power and the values of an era. A fight filled with hope, poetic, vital and scientific at the same time in a thrilling novel that introduces the instant in which the huma being starts being the centre of all the things.

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