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La pasadora

Author: Bruno Tuesday 6 February 2024

The story of a woman who risked her life against the Nazis in World War II.

Pyrenees, 1940s. Sol Mentruit must flee her village and take refuge among a group of smugglers in Andorra for having witnessed a murder. Once there, he enters a network of evasion in which he begins to carry sensitive documentation to the British consulate in Barcelona. In the midst of her travels she falls in love with Max Schell, a quirky and intellectual Frenchman whom she discovers to be a German officer. When the leader of the network, Quim Baldrich, learns of the relationship between Sol and Max, he expels her, but she decides to perform a last act to prove her loyalty and take a group of refugees to cross the Pyrenees from Toulouse to Barcelona to save them. Different stories will intertwine until they converge in that moment that will be definitive for all of them.

Libel of Blood

Author: Bruno Thursday 31 August 2023

A heart-skipping race against time to save his parents from the Inquisition, and to solve the murder that has horrified Madrid.

In the harsh winter of 1620 an horrific crime propagates panic through all corners of Madrid: a young woman has been raped and buried together with a heart-extirped baby.

No one doubts it has been a ritual crime, and soon appears a “libel of blood” against the scribe Sebastián Castro and his wife Margarita, a false accusation that blames Jews for sacrificing Christian kids in the elaboration of black magic rituals.

Luckily Alonso, their oldest son, has been able to escape the jaws of the Inquisition, in charge of the murders’ investigation, but now has to face other terrible dangers: the cold, the hunger and the wretched of the streets.

Hopeless, and with no other help than two beggars, Alonso will try to make true his only objective: save his fathers.

Love Beyond World

Author: Bruno Wednesday 30 August 2023

A fascinating novel about the unknown love story between Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger.

Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt met in 1925 at Marburg University. He was a teacher and she was his pupil. He was married and she was single. She was eighteen years old, and he was thirty-five. At this point starts Amor sense món, an extraordinary novel about the relationship they maintained throughout all their lives facing all obstacles.

Narrated in an exciting, though delicate way, this novel follows the romance between two of the greatest figures of European Philosophy. How could a Jewish intellectual and a highly prestigious teacher who joined Hitler’s party share love together? This is one of the most complex, passionate, contradictory, and incredible love story of the last century, becoming an example of a philosophical and spiritual love that goes through earthly bonds: a love beyond world.


Author: Bruno Monday 27 February 2023

1951, in the midst of Francoism, was inaugurated “The City of the Boys”, an Learning Home in the Collserola Forest for orphaned and resourceless children. But what was sold as an exemplary institution, a replica of an innovative project, turned into hell for many of those who lived there. Grandpa Emilio between them. There it lost much more than innocence, and still suffers the consequences in secret today. At least until the day he hit his grandson. What kind of person is a child who, when he most needs love and attention from whom he should protect him, only receives screams, punishments and ill-treatment? This is a history of resilience; on the lights and shadows, own or otherwise, that set the limits on care in the first and third ages; on collective beliefs that confuse education with indoctrination or respect for authority; but, above all, it is a call to compassion: the last possible and most important form of love. Lifeguard for all.


Author: Bruno Monday 27 February 2023

In the middle of the 14th century, Barcelona still suffers the aftermath of the great plague. During this period of uncertainty and power vacuum, a group of women combats the implementation of Roman law, an important retreat from the laws that governed their ancestors.
L’Alexia, daughter of a merchant; la Ròmia, slave; la Genebre, nun of Sant Pere de Puel·les; la Caterina, apprentice painter; la Llorença, widow of a glassmaker; la Marta, weaver, and la Sança, capellera, will join together to raise another Barcelona where it is possible to light a new fire that will once again light the city. Many, anchored in a world that ends, will want to turn it off.
Meanwhile, Alexia’s brother Narcissus, a disciple of the painter Ferrer Bassa, will try to find meaning in his artistic concerns. He and Catherine will found the House of Obradors, a project aimed at putting into value new initiatives based on each other’s abilities. Everyone will have a place and can be both an apprentice and a teacher.
Fire lights, but also burns and leaves ashes. Ash contains the memory of what it has been and, if it falls into good shelter, it can be a seed of the future.
The legacy of the ashes is an exciting and inspiring story of fighting, of women able to show us that the essentials are indestructible.

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