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Author: Bruno Thursday 1 February 2024

This afternoon we will attend a party. We will go to the presentation of a book, the new book by Ferran Cases, and it will be a party. Not all book presentations are the same, and Ferran’s are even less so. After the success he has had with his previous books: THE LITTLE BIG BOOK OF ANXIETY and THE BRAIN OF HAPPY PEOPLE, with which he has helped thousands of people to overcome anxiety, he surprises us with a new book and a new approach to habits. It seems that everything has been said about habits, that which we must follow to the letter and cannot skip to maintain our balance in life, but Ferran puts the focus elsewhere and tells us: “ENOUGH NONSENSE. YOU ALREADY HAVE WHAT YOU NEED”. And he is right: we already know it all, we have it all; so what are we missing? We need to adjust, refocus and explore what we already have. Ferran knows that almost all of us who will read this book already have habits or are trying to have them, so why don’t we try to improve what feels good to us, give strength to what is authentic and give value to what we already have? Say YES TO ALMOST EVERYTHING and you will discover that what you have learned is useful to you, that it has been worthwhile, but that you must give a twist to this theory and practice so that it not only serves you, but so that you enjoy it and value what you do and why you do it. A more than useful guide, which opens a different and necessary perspective among so much information in this great world of self-help.

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