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The wheel of healthy living

Author: Bruno Thursday 13 July 2023

This week’s blog is difficult for me to write because I would like to be able to express in words, and as well as the author does, why it is important to read this book, to have this real vision of what we have to give importance to, and no one better than the author herself can explain it. However, I will try to do it: SOY COMO COMO is a book that aims to be a guide to be able to have the healthiest life possible, and it is not only about taking care of food, although this is one of the main axes in which Núria has always moved for twelve years, but there are five more axes, fundamental to achieve it. Núria Coll, author of the book, has created the wheel of healthy living. In the book, she explains that one day she imagined a wheel harmoniously divided into the foundational axes of what she considers a healthy life. Food plays a fundamental role, but there are five other axes that complement the wheel: toxins, rest, physical activity, emotional management and the tribe.

By reading this book, we will go through each section and learn how to integrate each of the six axes into our daily lives and the reasons why Núria thinks it is vital to know many of the whys and wherefores of each step. It is a great guide, which I would have liked to have had before, given that changing habits that are already established is difficult; I will not deny it, because my husband thinks I have gone crazy, since I have changed, for example, all the utensils in my kitchen to be able to cook without toxins, or I have made myself a strength routine, as physical activity, to be able to continue being fitter in a healthier way. This book is a lighthouse to start slowly but surely, because we only have one life and if we don’t take care of ourselves, no one else will do it better.

This is a book that unites many aspects that other self-help books have already told us that we should do to live better, to be happier, to live longer, but here, being the backbone the food, the other axes make all the sense in the world, and some help others to complete this wheel of healthy living and know how to change the chip, without laziness, and how to do something to make our body as healthy as possible, and consequently our life will be better, longer, but with quality. Do you dare to meet this author and her method? There is nothing like this on the market and, on the other hand, it is absolutely necessary and adaptable to any country and diet. These habits that the author explains to us in a clear way will help us to feel better and to have a broad vision that we can change many things before filling ourselves with pills and complaining all day that we feel without energy, that we have pains, etc. So, here we have much more than a food guide that gives us the necessary guidelines for a healthy life in all the vital aspects of our routine. I hope many of you will be able to try it; I am already doing it, and it works. And summer is an ideal time to do this reset, to read and start as soon as possible to modify what depends on ourselves. Shall we go for it?

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