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Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 29 October 2014

Following “Women on the edge”, this new series covers different, more complex and embracing territory topics. New themes are added to the classic themes of female neurosis, partners, children and the body. Here we find Maitena’s reflections on social and contemporary behaviour, trends and consumerism. With a touch of irony, “Curvas Peligrosas” perfectly depicts the signs and vices of these times. Sharp-edged and ruthless, yet with room for tenderness and, even, a faint and resigned melancholy. As if Maitena were drawing these curves in the road so that all of us, including herself, may drive through life with a little more sense of humour.

“Maitena has managed to express the hope and fears of her readers with great doses of wit and understanding.” Larry Rohter, “The New York Times”

”Maitena observes and suggests with perfidious candour. She takes everything in and presents it with a self-irony that contains a declaration of war: laugh, if you dare to.” Beppe Severgnini, “Corriere della Serra”

“…Perceptive, intelligent, vital… This woman is as profound as the universe straightforward as a road of knowledge. Through her eyes, we improve without the battle of the sexes.” Joan Barril, “El Periódico”, Barcelona


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Manuel and Roberto, two young fans of fantasy novels, stumble upon an orginal English copy of H.Ph. Lovecraft, their favourite author, and a girl consulting him. The girl introduces them to a very special club. But how are this club, the girl, and a professor specialised in Lovecraft connected? What world is hiding behind that false door? The protagonists experience the mysteries of a Barcelona neighbourhood as the scene of a secret they are trying to solve.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

In Ligácia, a small country in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula, Guillem Desclot, a mature and solitary writer, discovers some long-forgotten documents among his own papers. These documents take him back to his youth, marked by the presence of Evelyn Moore, whom he hasn’t heard from since. In the search of her trail, he returns to the past and the circumstances that surrounded a difficult period. What happened to Evelyn Moore? Why did she never return to pick up the documents she entrusted to Guillem? Why does nobody remember her? Guillem enters a strange world: childhood memories, secret societies, books that never existed and friends who refuse to remember their own past. The description of a limited and mean cultural class, the flasbacks that take us to the origin of the story and the splendid construction of the plot make “La desaparición de Evelyn” a passionate novel that will excite and surprise the reader until the last page.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Since her divorce, Irene has felt trapped, and started to see a psychotherapist, Dr. Alba, a specialist in lucid dreams. Dr. Alba suggests Irene take a journey to her inner self to try and understand her past, clarify doubts concerning her current situation and find a solution for the future. Irene visits the castle of 9 mirrors, a mysterious mansion beyond her conscience only accessible through her dreams. Irene has to find nine mirrors in the castle. Each mirror reflects an aspect of her character with which she is not familiar. This process of self-discovery becomes Irene’s most thrilling adventure from which she will learn the value of life and dreams and find the key to her healing.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Summer. Two telephone calls break the stillness of the night, setting off two beginnings which spring from darkness and may lead to two different endings: Bruno’s girlfriend has just died in a car accident. Some minutes later, another phone call brings back to him the existence of Julia, his daughter, whom he had sworn never to meet in his life, now demanding him from the other corner of the world. Julia is full of whys. She wants to know. Then come the secrets, confessions, and the meetings too… As Bruno composes this intimate long-distance father’s ballad to Julia, five women’s voices —grandmother Lena, Jasmine, Irene, Clara and aunt Luna— will portray along the lines of this letter the generosity, magnanimity and the boundaries of love’s power. “El tiempo del corazón” is the opportunity that Fate affords to a man to trust in his own life and truth, asking in return the highest price: to learn to bless the loss of the dearest ones. In order to accomplish that, Bruno will have to face the risky adventure of discovering himself, forgiving himself and revealing to a little stranger the most disturbing and frightened corners of his silences.

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