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Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 18 February 2022

In 1982, with just three years, Samir was abandoned by her mother in the beach of El Saler. She covered his eyes and told him: «don’t move, I’ll be back in no time». But she never did. No one knew why she never came back, and that kid ended up living in a juvenile centre without identity and a bunch of memories. Samir grew up between orphans and disinherited of the world but determined to have an opportunity in life. Thirty years after her mother forgot him in that beach, Samir is no longer a defenceless kid but a captain of the Judicial Police of Valencia. Nevertheless, his past will come back mysteriously. A young women’s body was found murdered hours prior in the same place where he was abandoned when he was a kid, it will not seem to be a coincidence. The fact that she wore her name and phone number either. Captain Santos will start an investigation that will become a puzzle where the pieces of his past and his mother’s will end up being crucial to be able to learn the truth about the body. In the end, in the deepest part of himself, Samir has always long for that: that someday her mother came back to him.

Narrated with brilliantly an emotion, the suspense and the plot become in the best to read this book. The author builds the story taking turns between the past and the present in a fluid and rhythmic way, knowing that a novel not only requires a good story but also a powerful writing.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 17 February 2022

An exciting thriller written by this expert in the Japanese culture.


Nathan is a lonely clock designer, and his lives takes a mysterious turn after finding an old picture of Mia. She was his first love in high school, but it never exceeded the limits of his imagination. Mia moved to Japan with her family just before starting university, separating them forever.

Twenty years later, after a series of events in chain which lead Nathan to board a plane to Kyoto, where an adventure he could have never imagined awaits him.


The eternity era is, not only a technological thriller set in Japan and a novel about love, but also a brilliant reflection about the meaning of being human in an increasingly virtual society. After the name Kirai, Héctor García is a popular profile in social media because of his blog and previous book A geek in Japan.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 January 2022

A universal story about the meaning of life.

They will remember us is a fiction of the time Goethe and Schiller spend together in the summer of 1774.

The novel explores the conflicts of the author, his weaknesses, his shadows and greatness, and the women who made them bloom.

They will remember us is a mirror game between men and women, a constant process of revelations of the different aspects of the characters and their lives. The novel awakes in the reader the emotion of being there, living those same moments, exploring the conflicts of their ideas and the demanding artistic process.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 30 December 2021

Catalunya in the middle of a cold wave, Pascal Neige must find out who has killed Michel Aubriot, one of the last survivors of the Lyonnaise mafia that his father run and now he does with her sisters and lover. At the same time, he must control that all of those who cultivate marijuana in the country pay their fee. Pascal is going to live a crazy week if he wants to keep the smile of the cheetahs.

After “The land of twilight”, “Where the grass never grows” and “The empire of the lions” (the later winner of the Valencia Negra prize as the best Catalan novel), Sebastià Bennasar comes back to the collection «» and offers a new story of the Neige family and its criminal gang. An addictive, violent, sexual novel that mixes with efficiency the brutality of the series like Gangs of London with the best literary tradition of the noir genre in our country.


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 4 October 2021

Elena Moya goes across the Ebro delta with an unforgettable novel about determination and fight against the destiny.

Buda Island, Ebro Delta 1961, Asun is a girl of eleven years old full of aspirations and dreams who loves to learn in the school of teacher Isidre. Her parents, Mariano and Remedios, work in the rice fields of the Pons family, the owners of the island. Asun knows that the relationship between her mother and the masters, especially with Mr. Max, is tainted with silence. By chance she discovers that her mother used to own some of those lands. Everything changes with the unexpected death of Remedios. Her father decides that she must start serving in the Pons’ house, but the little girl is not ready to assume the destiny her condition has in store for her; she aspires for more and thanks to a lent bike, her wit and the strong determination she becomes one of the most successful businesswomen in the zone. However, she will have to face ghosts from the past to protect everything she has fight for.

After the success of her previous novels, Elena Moya comes back with a story of affection and dreams.

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