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Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Freedom does not exist. Life only offers two choices: Forming part of the group or dying  … That is what is in the mind of Miki, a young man from Barcelona who wants  to escape from his fate.  Doing his homework, completing his studies, finding a decent job….Or selling drugs, driving around at full speed, thinking you’re the king of the world?  Where does your future lie, Miki?  You have two choices, just two. “Ketchup” is a literary vision of the abandoning of ethics on the part of young people living in the our cities, a novel that paints a picture of the emptiness of a lost generation with the precision of a chronicle, a world that the reader will instantly recognise if he happens to be travelling on any evening urban train.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Ramon Cardona is a singer of boleros and tangos in the village fiestas. But it hasn’t always been this way.Twenty years earlier,before the war,he dreamed that all would be different:a happy future in a happy world.The war changed everything.The war forced him to leave his native city,Terrassa.And it also distanced him from Bruna.She remained there and suffered.For twenty years  she has done all she could to forget many things.Now she’s tired and she hasn’t moved from the neighbourhood.She has not seen Ramon ever again.One day in 1956,Ramon Cardona returns to the city.The city of factories and of the sirens,the city of immigration and work.He returns disillusioned and confused.He thinks he only returns to sing but he will find his past.The streets,the people,his own memory. Bruna also.In one day both Ramon’s and Bruna’s lives,indeed of all these characters,will change.Suddenly all that seemed forgotten will be unearthed.The blood,the deaths,the strength but also the rebellion,desire and love.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

For ten years of his youth,three characters,two guys and a girl,fancied each other,doubted,love each other and brighten their respective lives. In the background two landscapes of the nineteen thirties:one tragic,the time of the great ideologies,of war,of death and one peaceful landscape, that of the summers in Favinyana,the clear skies of July on a friendly Mediterranean island.Years later,one of those three friends tells of the memories he has of that world. The final product is an ambitious,complex novel about the tension between ideologies and the individuals in a hard epoch.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

In the ghettos of Warsaw, Lodz, Vílnius or Cracovia, some Jew girls were named by the German authorities to keep and maintain peace in the ghetto. Saül Steinberg was the president of Junderat, a nonexistent city of Byelorussia. This book tells the story about this man, living between betrayal and heroism. Vicenç Villatoro portraits the nightmare of the Holocaust combining fiction and non fiction, following the voices of some previous great writers such as Hannah Arendt, Albert Cohen, Salvador Espriu o Primo Levi.


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 29 October 2014

Samuel lives trapped inside an air-bubble of loneliness which he only leaves to teach classes at the university. The impenetrable world that he has built up around him starts to fall apart the day a street cat enters his home. It will lead him to Titus, a middle-aged editor, who gives some essential lessons in life and takes him by chance to Gabriela, a childhood love, who reappears miraculously thirty years later, in the shape of an enigmatic woman. Samuel sets off on an initiation adventure full of surprising revelations. He will learn that those insignificant everyday acts, even the tiniest ones, have the power to unleash a hurricane or awaken the heart of his lethargy.

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