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Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Lònia Guiu is a private detective. She is a stubborn feminist, independent, rebellious and full of contradictions. Her anxiety and dreads drive her to become a detective, who makes mistakes, and this often makes her really angry. After her cases in “Study in Lilac” and “Antipodes”, this time Lònia must face a sad and repugnant case that will take her from Barcelona to Cologne, in the North of Germany, and from there to her natal Majorca, where she will re-live both good and bad memories of her childhood. The story is set in 1958. Joanna, forty eight, is trying on her wedding dress. We will later be told this is not her first wedding, and that her fiancée is much younger than herself. We will also learn that this wedding is an act of revenge. This revenge also implies a scandal that all the guests know about, but that no one dares to voice. In this succession of intriguing chapters, that are skillfully crafted, Maria-Antònia Oliver builds the book´s structure aroung the life of a Majorcan woman, in which tension escalates up to the surprising ending.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Lonia Guiu, the wisecracking, hardboiled Catalan private eye of “Study in Lilac”, returns in this story of islands, large and small. One island is Australia, in the Antipodes, where Lonia is Working for friends on sailboat and investigating the disappearance of blonde, drugged-out heiress. The other island is Majorca, Lonia’s –and the heiress’s- Mediterranean home. A fast-paced thriller that careens from matrimonial agencies to tourist hotels and keeps Lonia, her mysterious Australian lover and her steadfast employee Quim on the razor edge of excitement.

Press Reviews: “A delightfully different detective” – Toronto Globe and Mail

“Reminiscent of Sara Paretsky‘s V.I. Warshawski, though more political and earthier.” – The Drood Review of Mystery


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Many readers have become adicted to Maitena’s cartoons. With a feminine look, Maitena’s drawings teach us how to laugh of ourselves, our relationships and nature with a sarcastic yet sweet sense of humour. This book is a selection of cartoons and it is the first title of a series that is being as successful as Maitena’s work “Women on the Verge”, her first series of books, published in Spanish, French, Brazilian, Portuguese, Greek and Italian. “Mujeres superadas” 1 and 2 sold over 35,000 copies in only a few months after their launch. Maitena is a regular collaborator for “Le Figaro”, “La Stampa” and “El País”.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Isayid has always lived with a nomadic tribe in the desert where she was abandoned by Turkish soldiers. Since she was a child she has asked about her origins and her past, and as the years go by, for various circumstances, Isayid decides to set off on a never-ending trip around the world in order to discover herself and her mysterious origins. During this trip, a strong friendship grows between Rachel and Yarkos, as well as between the girl and other characters who travel the world, refugees from the 20th century wars. This is a novel full of feeling, courage and respect, as well as a precious and authentic love story.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

These five books are a wise and funny analysis of the problems women worry about such as work pressure, small domestic tragedies, and diets. Maitena‘a “shaken women” are much more corrosive and sarcastic than all the Bridget Jones‘s and reveal the complexity of the female condition.

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