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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 26 April 2018

This term, the last one for kids at school, is one of the toughest for me. Summer is close but important Fairs are about to take place, lots of trips, and in record time, summer. After Easter’s break, it seems I’ve began a ride on a Ferris Wheel of which I can come out. Sometimes I feel vertigo, even though I am enjoying myself. The roller-coaster that is live is like a Ferris wheel, every lap may be different, unique, and reading a book like SHINRIN YOKU. EL ARTE JAPONÉS DE LOS BAÑOS DE BOSQUE has made me wonder that even the Ferris Wheel does not stop, I can try and slow it down up to the point to be able to enjoy every second of it.

Francesc Miralles and Héctor García, after their massive success with IKIGAI, translated into 40 languages, becoming a BESTSELLER in several countries and selling over 100.000 copies in countries as Turkey and Holland, are publishing a new book together, about the Japanese tendency that will help us seeing how nature improves our mood and eliminates stress and anxiety. It explains the origins of the tradition, how we can apply it in our daily life, especially those who live far away from nature and to whom contacting nature is a hard task. Nature which is able to maintain our balance, to feel we are part of a universe in which calmness, and the pursuit of happiness is possible just by following a set of very simple steps. Isn’t it exactly what we need to know? For those who live close to the sea or mountain, you will be able to learn the benefits it has, just by staring at your surrounding daily; and those who don’t, you’ll discover how to find it, enjoy it. A new book with the author’s trademark which gives us the tools to live longer and better.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 21 September 2017

Chasing what you need, and what you really want, is a challenge. It is like so because many times we aren’t brave enough to face our own truth, or we aren’t ready enough to listen to ourselves. However, reading IKIGAI by Francesc Miralles and Héctor García was the first step, for me, to understand why I get up from bed each morning, what is it that really brings me joy, what is my purpose in life. I must confess that I’m not sure I’ve already discovered it, because the hard thing, for me, is to find only one thing that inspires me. That’s why the publication of FINDING YOUR IKIGAI hits the mark.

A second book, by the same authors, where they tell you how to put into practice that theory or, if you already know which is your IKIGAI, Francesc and Héctor teach you how to embrace it and exploit it. In order to achieve it, they suggest thirty-five routes, with practical exercises and essential lessons to get what you want and reach that peace of mind that you truly need in life. This is the only way, according to the authors and what they’ve learned from this Japanese philosophy. Happiness and wellbeing, something that everyone wants to reach, can come up naturally within us. Penguin Random House and Ara Llibres publish this practical part, which isn’t a sequel per se, but an ‘extra’ to those who’ve already found their IKIGAI and want to have the tools to strengthen it, take care of it, and be honest with themselves to finally do what they really want to do.

It’s a path, a training session, but I can assure you that it’s worthy of it, and that the change, which doesn’t happen out of a sudden, it’s like a balsam that helps us live within this society –more stressed and convulsed each day that goes by. If you know how to use the right tools, that magic word that is happiness and that many people never get to discover, will appear in a natural way. We all carry it in our DNAs, but we have to discover it, uncork it and nourish it to the best of our abilities. We only have one life and we need to learn how to enjoy it. Today, right here and right now, not tomorrow. No one said that it was going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either, you simply need to want it -which you can decide whenever you want. It’s in your hands, it’s up to you, that’s why Francesc and Héctor show us the way with guidelines, because it’s very easy to read the theory, but another thing is to put it into practice. But, trust me, you’ll be able to reach your IKIGAI and make it huge.

IKIGAI (Urano in Spanish and in Catalan) and EL MÉTODO IKIGAI / FINDING YOUR IKIGAI (Penguin Random House in Spanish and Ara Llibres in Catalan) are two bedside books to put in your backpack and travel with them. Reread them whenever you need to, because life is a rollercoaster and keeping balance is hard, but not impossible. You just have to go for it.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 17 March 2016

Did you know that the Japanese say that everyone has an IKIGAI, a reason to live? If I think of what my reason to live is, I can’t chose just one, so I think I haven’t found IKIGAI yet, but according to the people of Okinawa, THE ISLAND WITH THE MOST LONG-LIVED PEOPLE ON EARTH, the best kept secret is how they find IKIGAI, the joy of always being busy, and discovering what gives meaning to their existence and pushes them to live a hundred years in great shape; physically, mentally and what’s most important, emotionally.


Without a vibrant and optimistic experience, life may lose its meaning. Reading this great book that Francesc Miralles and Héctor García (Kirai) have just published, I’ve discovered many things I didn’t know, especially the meaning of IKIGAI, and that having a clear and defined Ikigai, a great passion, is something that gives satisfaction, happiness and meaning to life. You can find it with this book, as well as discovering many keys to Japanese philosophy for a long and healthy body, mind and soul. To me, this book is a delight; not just because my friend and wonderful author, Francesc Miralles, with whom I’ve already shared a great load of success, a lot of feelings and a long literary life together, told me that this project would be a success, which we still don’t know because it’s been in Bookstores for a week, but to me it already is. In less than a week I was able to sell it to 17 languages, a great bliss, so like many times before, Francesc nailed it, he’s a master of life, someone who’s ahead of the events and helps me find a meaning to my job.

The book gave me the chance to meet Héctor, who’s a special person without doubt, in the best of ways, and to get to know the laws of IKIGAI; “laws” that seem easy and that we should all understand very well, because they seem obvious, but most of us are incapable of following them all. It’s really giving value to the simple things that makes each person’s life be better: smiling, saying thank you, being surrounded by good friends, staying in shape, keeping active, and knowing how to prioritize. Following your IKIGAI, or maybe discovering it, because it’s still hidden, will give you that impulse you need to give it your best every day, and that meaning to life that we all need to keep going. We only have one life, one chance, and the best thing to do is to enjoy the trip. Will you join me?

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