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Genre: Health
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 192

The Japanese say everybody has an ikigai, a reason to live. Some have found it and are aware of their ikigai, others have it inside, but are still looking. This is one of the secrets for a long, young and happy life like the people of Okinawa live, the oldest island in the world. The project of this book came from connecting the experience in Japanese culture of Héctor García (author of Un Geek en Japón), who’s been living in Japan for twelve years, with the art in the writing of Francesc Miralles (author of dozens of books and novels and psychology expert). To write it, the two authors were welcomed by the mayor of Ogimi (Okinawa), a town in the north of Japan with the highest longevity in the world, and they had the chance to interview more than a hundred villagers. We analyze the hundred-year-old Japanese’s keys to an optimistic and vital existence, discovering how they eat, how they move, how they work, how they connect with others and -the best kept secret- how they find the ikigai that gives meaning to their life and leads them to live one hundred years in the greatest shape. Having a clear and defined ikigai, a great passion, is something that gives you satisfaction, happiness and a meaning to your life. The mission of this book is to help you find it, also to discover many keys of Japanese philosophy to a healthy body, mind and spirit. ·A book that brings us closer to the secrets of the hundred-year-old Japanese people for a healthy and happy life. · It offers practical tools for the reader to discover his personal ikigai, his reason for living.

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  1. Dear Sandra,

    Ritsuko from Penguin Random House gave me your contact. We are wondering if Hindi rights (India) are available for India? Also do let us know if any English/Hindi rights are available for your backlist bestsellers in India. We have been in publishing since the year 2000 and have dealt extensively with US publishers. Our portfolio includes authors like Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Dan Millman ans many more.

    Will you by any chance be at the London Book Fair? If so, it would be great to meet up.

    Best wishes,
    Gautam Sachdeva
    Founder, Publisher
    Yogi Impressions

    • Sandra Bruna says:

      Good morning and sorry for the late late response,

      We recommend you to write at in order to get information about the rights of a book.
      We promise to answer very much faster than this comment, sorry for the inconvenience.

      Best regards,

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