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Genre: Young Adult Novel
Topic: Young
Number of pages: 357

Everything starts when Unai receives a text message with a video. In this video, he’s hooking up very passionately with a girl that is clearly not her girlfriend, Vega, whom he’s been dating for a few months now. Now, an unknown sender is blackmailing him with sending the video if he doesn’t download an application.

His blackmailer is Odín, the application, Valkiria and him, Player Number 4. What he doesn’t know is that there’s a path of blood behind this mysterious interface and that, because he’s been insincere with his girlfriend, he’s going to fall prey to a very dangerous game. The dynamics are simple: he just needs to do the mysterious missions that Odín, the master of the game, asks of him. The limits are restricted to the university campus, a precinct that has never seemed so sinister to him… Who are the other players and what is the goal?

This is the premise of the new novel by David Lozano who, loyal to his identity and voice, brings us a thriller where blood, dead and suspense are the key elements.

What singles out Valkiria is that it is a novel that manages to keep the reader’s attention from beginning to end. In order to achieve that, the author uses a really well developed setting: everything happens on campus, in the communal areas and in the ins and outs of the residency. This way, the ordinary gets mixed with what is hiding on the surface. All the suspense is sustained on the fact that anyone in your inner circle could be the traitor, the one who wants you dead.

Besides, it develops a current matter: technology, and how we expose ourselves in our social media, and how wrongly we use them. However, it isn’t narrated in a moralist way, but exposing a series of questions for which there isn’t just one answer.

Valkiria is an entertaining game in which the reader takes part: a game of expectations and intrigue, that finishes with a successful answer that ends the book perfectly.

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