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Genre: Young Adult Novel
Topic: Young
Number of pages: 350

A mind-blowing AI adventure!


Jan is a lonely twelve-year-boy who loves mathematics. So he’s thrilled when he receives his acceptance letter to the exclusive summer course at Exya, the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence center! He will learn about great technological advances, and hopefully make some friends.

One night at Exya, Jan and Sofia, an intrepid 12-year-old programmer with a knack for getting in trouble, accidentally activate a secret experiment and they are teleported into the supercomputer… to the virtual world of AI! Together with two vectors, clueless Vec and brave Wav, they will go through the Faculty, a place where vectors are trained with data and algorithms to be part of the best applications. They will make great friends and better understand the great power of AI. But a sinister villain from the outside world is threatening to dominate the creatures that inhabit this wonderful virtual universe. And whoever controls AI will control the real world.

Will our friends be able to solve the dark mystery that AI hides? Will the balance between humans and machines be broken forever? Is mankind ready for Artificial Superintelligence?

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