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Genre: Cooking
Topic: Non-fiction
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Spain’s most recognized health journalist and publicizer tells us everything she knows about nutrition and health. Join the thousands of followers of the healthy revolution with the advice of Núria Coll.Healthy eating is not difficult, but sometimes we get lost between so much data and fashion diets. There is no need to learn every new nutritional study; it would probably be more helpful to stop and think a little. In this book of reflections and advice, the journalist specialising in healthy eating, Núria Coll, with ideas and thoughts based on common sense, proposes a clear objective: to awaken in the reader the ambition of having her own criterion so that it does not depend on what the gurus say you need to eat. This book will empower you to find your own way into your food.”When I started out in the publicity of healthy eating in 2014, I didn’t have much knowledge, but in a short time I realized that we urgently needed to avoid many of the pots and packages that fill our stores. In a matter of weeks I changed my eating habits radically, I started eating healthy food and I learned something crucial: the important thing was not just what to eat, but how.”

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