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Castellano: Planeta

El valle del hierro (The Iron Valley)

Genre: Thriller histórico
Topic: Ficción
Number of pages: 520

In the 16th century, mysterious disappearances cast fear on the valley’s inhabitants, coinciding with ancient guild rivalries

On a rainy night in 1577, the coal man Domingo Harria left his farmhouse for the Mirandaola ironworks, where its owners, the Plazaola, are waiting for him. Asencia, his wife, discovers the next morning that Domingo has not returned home, and gives the alarm. It is not the first time that someone disappears in the valley; it will not be the last.

After several days without news, Asencia goes to the ironworks looking for some clue about the whereabouts of her husband, but, although they assure her that Domingo never attended the appointment, she is convinced that the Plazaola lie. Their guild has never been reliable.

Years later, when the whole valley seems to have forgotten Domingo, except for Asencia, Jurdana appears in her life: A young woman of unknown origin who not only keeps a great secret, but flees from a past that, sooner or later, she will have to face. She just hopes she doesn’t have to do it alone.

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