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Author: Bruno Thursday 6 October 2022

The novel about the 98 happiest and most unknown days of Federico García Lorca’s life in Golden Cuba in 1930.

Federico García Lorca’s 98 happiest and most unknown days in the Golden Cuba of 1930. But it took more than three months until the Andalusian poet decided to return to Spain, drunk from Caribbean music and beauty, soneros and santeros, terraces and palm trees, white rum, black sensuality and nights of Malecón.

What did the poet do in “the happiest days of my life”, as he defined his Cuban days? How did Cuba stain Federico’s work, person and fate? “If I lose myself — he warned his parents by letter — search for me in Cuba.” And he lost. To find himself? This novel explains it.


Author: Bruno Monday 19 September 2022

Maria Barbal’s new novel after the international recognition of Tándem.

“Remembering that summer is like looking back at paradise before passing through a door that will leave it behind forever.”

For Nora, a twelve-year-old girl, going on Sundays to the lake, a very beautiful and quiet place of changing colors, is a delightful experience. Except for Quim, who is seven, everyone in the group accompanying her is an adult. Each of them harbors their own longings, and she observes them and does not always think she understands them, but on the last morning at the lake, as a result of a conflict between the elders and Quim’s daring, Nora will suddenly awaken from the dream of childhood.

Maria Barbal’s new work after the international recognition of Tándem is a novel of great emotional intensity about longing, beauty, the passing of time and the meaning of happiness.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 January 2022

A universal story about the meaning of life.

They will remember us is a fiction of the time Goethe and Schiller spend together in the summer of 1774.

The novel explores the conflicts of the author, his weaknesses, his shadows and greatness, and the women who made them bloom.

They will remember us is a mirror game between men and women, a constant process of revelations of the different aspects of the characters and their lives. The novel awakes in the reader the emotion of being there, living those same moments, exploring the conflicts of their ideas and the demanding artistic process.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 17 September 2021

A fighter for freedom trapped in Spain without horizons of the post-war period. A mysterious book that, even though there was censorship, recalls the revolutionary atmosphere of 1936. Three men fall in love with the same woman… And a search that will end up changing them all.

For Adela fitting in provincial León society, in the closed and suffocating of a village in the mountains or in the grey Madrid of debris is painful. She doesn’t adapt to a life of suspicion, to be looked at the corner of one’s eyes or to always keep her guard up in front of informers while her people is consumed in the guerrilla or put on the Regime mask and ask for <<special tee>> in the more frequented coffee shops.

For her, that was born in the working Barcelona class and had fight in the defense of the city for a fairer and more equal world, the worst is the imposture, and to that she doesn’t adapt. The wish of revelation in the teacher, in the impulsive reader, in the couturier, in the imperfect mother, in the woman that saw how her life in the Pirineus was truncated one day of the fateful year the war was lost.

Adela never got to comprehend what happened that day. Until she starts to find answers in the least expected place: the pages of the romantic novel A stain of carmine. The hidden clues in the story seem to contain an invitation to get back the colors of that dreamed revolution. But which margin will the teacher victim of reprisal have left to fight por a better society?


Through Adela, Carmen, Mercedes, Federica Montseny, Ana Alonso brings us a world corseted of the women of the post-war era and to the white and black Spain from the 1940’s, full of <<secrets, masks, shown lies and hidden truths>>.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 7 September 2021

An exciting and emotional story about the importance of chasing our dreams

Jon, an elephant caretaker and Edith, widow of Andrea and master of eleven cats, live in an abandoned village. Lonely neighbours at first and now good friends, neither one of them can imagine that the night in which the vane of the bell tower turns on itself, the eye of time is placed above the village and the life of both of them is about to turn with it.

The love between an orphan man and a silent elephant named Susi, a Japanese girl with the name of a bird who speaks with flamingos, a mother and a daughter who search for each other since the time distracted them, a grandfather whose family spell will be law, one hour at night- the tremulous hour- in which everything happens and everything stays. A land with your name is the bravest dream of two souls that strive to make the world into a better place. A story about LOVE in capital letters, about honesty with one’s dreams and about freedom taken to its purest expression.

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