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The art of attracting good things

Author: Bruno Thursday 14 September 2023

This week’s blog comes with a powerful title, a Non-Fiction title. Francesc Miralles, after NAMASTÉ, co-authored with Héctor García, comes with MAZAL, which has been awarded the Urano Non-Fiction prize and for this reason is coming out a little earlier than we would like, given that we are still savoring the success of NAMASTÉ, and we already have another great book on the market, and I say this firmly. I have been reading Miralles since he started writing, and each time I think that he cannot surpass himself, in each book, he does it, and in this one even more. I loved Mazal because through a simple and close story he shows you the power we have to attract good things.

The expression “MAZAL TOV” is a Hebrew locution that translates as “good luck”. It is a wish that is expressed aloud in Jewish celebrations and its meaning is “I am eager for good things to happen to you”. As always, it introduces us to a new word, which will be iconic for the daily lives of many. Who doesn’t like good things to happen to them? Here are the keys to doing so.

If we explore the deep meaning of each of the consonants that form this word, we will access the true secret of prosperity. The keys hidden in the word “Mazal” indicate that luck does not come “from above” but depends on our effort in three coordinates that we should know and put into practice. In this enlightening fable, Francesc Miralles offers us a fascinating and at the same time practical journey to the secrets of success in life, not only to work success, but to live well, to make the best things happen in your life and to live happily. The key is to learn it and apply it, and how: by the hand of the master and this powerful story that reveals the keys for fortune to manifest itself in your life. Advice that we receive through the simple but profound story of Saul, who after repeatedly failing in his life, accepts a mysterious job opportunity in Krakow, a destination as unknown as it is far from his reality. There he will meet a series of characters who will reveal valuable lessons for life, and above all an enigmatic woman who will teach him, step by step, the secret of the MAZAL, capable of changing his fate forever, or ours as well.

As always Miralles brings us closer to a new concept, giving us the tools for that well-being that our society is looking for and that is so hard to find because it always looks more outward than inward. Great book which will become a new philosophy of life for all those who want GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN TO THEM.

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