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Castellano: HarperAustralia


Genre: Contemporary Thriller
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 448

Marcela Pieldelobo is not easy to deal with. Born in Biescas, a small village in the Aragonese Pyrenees, she has been an inspector for the National Police Force in Pamplona for the past decade. A woman who is excessive in her habits and affections, and in the original tattoo that curls around her body and which hardly anyone knows about. She is convinced that orders are open to interpretation, that there are things that you need to keep to yourself and that closed doors can be unlocked if you know how to open them. Even if you do not have a court order. Now the past, in the form of an abusive father who reappears after the death of his mother, is knocking furiously at her door, but Marcela has more urgent things to attend to, such as the case of a baby abandoned in a lonely car park and a damaged rental car with no trace of the driver, but with blood stains and tracks from the car… When the clues lead to a well-known company owned by one of the most traditional and influential local families, her superiors decide to take her away from the case… But Marcela, true to her principles and her instinct, insists on going further, even at the cost, now, of her own life.

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