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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 29 October 2015


Nobody chooses their family. And now that Christmas approaches, many fear the holidays and arguments around the table. It is not my case because I adore my family, and I’m happy when we all gathered and we have time to talk about things that are not job, because in my case, my immediate family also works with me and are my supporters both personally and professionally. I know it sounds strange, but we know very well how to separate needs to be separated. A family business, whether it is, is not easy, but it is encouraging. To me have my family near makes me better and gives me the necessary strength to go on … We are a family of blue eyes like the characters of DIAMANT BLAU (BLUE DIAMOND), where Care Santos once again gives us a lesson in how to make an extraordinary novel, with courageous and charismatic characters who fight for what they want and know how reach what they love. Teresa Pujolà, first daughter of a bourgeois family in Mataró, relinquish her social position to achieve what she really wants. As a woman ahead of her time, she doesn’t want just receiving piano lessons and marrying the one she should, but she looks forward and decides to build a future next to the person she loves. She will challange everything for love and she will be strengthened. A story of a brave woman and, for those who doubt it, a story that tells that we must fight for ours dreams. The story of Teresa is a wonderful example of that. I always try to fight for what I believe and go all the way, although it is not easy. Not all dreams can come true, but they can be fought, and the most important is that we know what we want to be happy.

Care Santos has thrilled us with novels as HABITACIONES CERRADAS (Closed Rooms), that we’ll see in TV next November 3rd with Adriana Ugarte as one of the protagonists, and DESIG DE XOCOLATA (Desire for chocolate), Ramon Llull Prize 2014. Therefore, we don’t need more to say that you cannot miss DIAMANT BLAU (BLUE DIAMOND), a great gift for Christmas.

 “If one day you have to choose between the world and love … remember: If you choose the world run out of love, but if you choose to love him conquer the world” Einstein


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 22 October 2015

girl-reading-magical-bookAnother Frankfurt’s past. My life is marked by fairs, and especially this one, the queen, although it seems that the crown is in danger because it was calmer and some pavilions were closed. This indicates that there were fewer people. However, Frankfurt still is the most important fair and meeting editors from different countries, and many friends, always compensates the fatigue. This year I was physically exhausted. I do not know why, maybe because we’ve tried to check country by country to find new and medium-sized publishers who might fit well with our books, or because it is just because I am getting older. Maybe both.

I confess sometimes I got lazy. But when I’m out there trying my best to transmit the stories we carry in our catalogs, I transform, like the phoenix, and with my best smile I tell each argument of our novels, those that my authors have written with such care, love and enthusiasm and. We want them to travel to as much countries as possible. At night, in the hotel, I think about how nice and complicated my job is: to tell stories to others, stories that can transport you to wonderful worlds, make you meet fascinating characters. That’s the power of reading.

Our magic is to transmit this story and find the right person to publish it; because when all this comes together, it is easier to reach the target, but it doesn’t mean we do. So it is so great to sell something to any country, is an unexplainable adrenaline rush, because somehow that story is part of me and is a shared dream with one of my authors. And illusions actually do something magical, we wish we could do every day many, and only mixing all these ingredients get success. But things are not this way, and external factors should also be in your favor. However, we does not give up, because our motto is that there is a good book for each editor, as there is for every reader. So our mission, long the way, is finding it. We carry pockets full of patience, enthusiasm, a little magic and a little luck, but nothing is impossible in a world where creativity and imagination are two of the strongest weapons that move it. So here is our catalogue. Don’t miss that story that you feel should be yours.

Find yours and notice me, it will be a fun adventure to share. This is the true essence of our work and we cultivate it here every day with a wonderful team of people who believe in what they do and who work very hard to start that “yes” which sometimes cost as much, but that sooner or later arrives. Please click, enter that magical world and choose the book that you sense that should be yours; because “I don’t know why but I bet on it” is often synonymous with success.

“Seeing someone reading a book that you like, is seeing a book recommending a person”


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 15 October 2015

scales-of-justiceThe Catalans know very well who Lluís Companys was and his history. I don’t know if the rest of the world knows who he was, but I think that this is why the novel by Victor Gay Zaragoza, EL DEFENSOR (published in Catalan by Planeta and Castilian by Penguin Random House) makes so much sense. It is the story of Lluís Companys, but seen through the eyes of the lawyer who was appointed by Franco’s dictatorship to defend him. The lawyer was Ramon de Colubí, a young and inexperienced lawyer who had fought in the national side, and he vas given a defense with a prescribed script. The trial was a mere formality, and the regime already knew how it would end before it started, but the young lawyer rebelled against the role assigned, risking his career and even his life. He fought for justice. His work ethic was more important than many other things: power, money, prestige, and even his life. How many would today give up all this for professional ethics? The truth is, I regret to say it, that I think very few. But I loved reading this true story, the story of someone who was able to set aside his own interests in favor of justice and loyalty to a profession.

Victor Gay Zaragoza, a distant relative of the lawyer, shows in this novel Lluís Company’s and his defender most human face. They give us a lesson in humanity and common sense to take into account today and forever. A pleasant reading for lovers of the historical novel, but also for those who believe that things well done are still possible, for people that prefer the human side of things, and that thinks that feelings are so much important that they can get to move mountains. It seems a utopia, but Ramon de Colubí did it and I think we can do it too.

“If justice exists, it must be for all, no one can be excluded, otherwise it would not be justice.” Paul Auster



Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 8 October 2015


2014-02-13-cityofloveinatimeofwarThere have always been wars, unfortunately, but in the XXI century we should have learned more. This year is being hard on this aspect. After the end of the Cold War, today’s wars kill and displace people and are even more complicated. The Islamic State captured Iraq and Syria and destroyed part of Gaza. Egypt lives a repression. Libya, Yemen, half of Africa, Ukraine and so many other places. It’s really sad, because we know that conflicts are inevitable among humans, but maybe we should have learned to dialogue and not always end up using weapons, which in my view never fix anything, but only make things worse.

The novel I recommend today is PONT DE CENDRA of Raul Romeva, published by Ara Llibres It talks about the absurdity of war and the power of love. The novel is based on the true story of the lovers of Sarajevo and the experiences of the author, as a testimony to the cruelty of the war in Bosnia. I remember books as Zlata’s Diary that touched me deeply, Zlata’s Diary and PONT DE CENDRA share the feeling of absurdity in war that Raul knows how to reflect perfectly.

PONT DE CENDRA tells the story of Dragana, a ten-year-old living in Bosnia during the war, and explains through her diary the story of her brother and his girlfriend. A couple fighting in this complex framework against war and religious intolerance, and also for their love. This story transcends time and space and merges in an unusual with Natza and his trip to the volcano of the novel JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH by Jules Verne. War, death, identity and conflict link the two stories and the lives of its characters.

Raul has made a thriller and also an adventure novel. That matches with Raul’s previous novels, Retorn to Shambala and Sayonara Sushi, but I think that as a novelist he has taken a step forward knowing how to translate elegantly and closely the importance of feelings.

A novel that gets straight to the heart.

Imagine there’s no countries / It isn’t hard to do / Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion too / Imagine all the people / Living life in peace… /
You may say I’m a dreamer / But I’m not the only one / I hope someday you’ll join us / And the world will be as one


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 1 October 2015



October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is a disease that is the epidemic of the century. In my environment, I know several people who have fallen in the networks of the disease, we are surrounded by it and we know that affects many people, but when it’s up to your family or close friends, it still affects you more.

We know that every day more people recovers and that attitude is vital to do so, but it gives dread view statistics. So today it is a pleasure for me to recommend the second book by Dr. Odile Fernandez, author of Mis recetas anti cancer, and now publishes GUIA PRÁCTICA PARA UNA ALIMENTACIÓN Y VIDA ANTICÁNCER. Odile, a family physician who beat ovarian cancer metastasis, explains that food can be vital for healing. A real anti cancer Bible that each person can adapt to your individual needs.

Nobody knows how people develop this disease, but we can do things to encourage prevention, or if you are in the process of struggle, promote healing. Why not try?

Odile is a real example and a great person. Like her, there are other examples of extraordinary recoveries, but unfortunately we lost a lot of people struggling on the road. That is why books like this are a huge help for anyone, because we are all exposed to it. “It won’t happen to me” has changed to the question “why am I doing to make it not happen to me?”.

We must be well informed, and this book, more tempers, cuddles and hugs from the people around who have the disease, are a necessary balm. For this reason, our solidarity party this year will be dedicated to helping children with cancer. We will collect everything we can to help the Association AFANOC who is doing great efforts to help families of children with this disease.

Join us in the agency on 10 December to celebrate that literature gives hope.

We can do it!

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