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We Are Back!

Author: Bruno Thursday 31 August 2023

Yes, here we are again, and with mixed feelings. On the one hand, the long-awaited vacations are over, as well as feeling no stress, enjoying more free time, the sun, and dinners with friends until the body endures. Everything that tastes like summer is nice, so when it ends you feel this emptiness of not wanting it to end, because this rhythm of life is really healthy and the one thing we should know how to maintain throughout the year. However, I am lucky enough to work in something I love, which is part of my life, not to say my whole life and, therefore, the beginning of the year is always exciting. That’s why I was talking about mixed feelings, because I’m down because summer is over, but I’m lifted because of what is coming, because we have great books to start the season, such as the new book by Francesc Miralles, MAZAL, Urano nonfiction award. This one was a book that I read long ago to be submitted for the award, and I liked it so much. I know it will surprise you very pleasantly, and it will continue to open doors to this author. It always seems that his latest work reaches the top, but he is capable of overcoming, and do something better. Incredible!

Just like Míriam Tirado, who comes out with her new book SENTIR. After RABIETAS, REMOVIDAS and LÍMITES, this new book is another one that I find spectacular. Each one is useful, and Míriam grows with each topic helping many people with her books. She’s a crack. Another of the great authors, Álex Rovira, also has a new release for September with TU MENTALIDAD BUENA SUERTE. Alex is another author who transforms and evolves with the world, making books that adapt to new needs without losing their essence. This is something that seems simple to do, but is very complex really, ¡and he makes it easy! Anyone who has been a fan of LA BUENA SUERTE, of which there were millions, can’t miss this one. And Sara Teller, our young neuroscientist, makes her solo debut with her book NEUROCUÍDATE, which brings us closer to our brain one more time, and helps us to understand it and to live better. A match of science and wellness never seen before. I honestly think there is nothing like it on the market.

And now it’s time to review the novels for this season. They all excite me for different reasons. Miquel Esteve is back with AMOR SIN MUNDO, an extraordinary novel about the relationship between Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt, two great European intellectuals. Bea Cabezas, an author with whom we have been working since immemorial times, and who had not published for a long time, brings out the novel LA LLIÇÓ DE PIANO, with a key theme: The road where motherhood is going. It will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, Xavier Álvarez LLaberia publishes a new novel, which reads like a true crime, EL CONFIDENT; lovers of the genre will fall in love with it literally, and Barcelona is the main scenario. And two final big bombshells, the Prudenci Bertrana award with the signature of the great Jordi Solé, L’ANY QUE VAIG ESTIMAR AVA GARDNER, a great novel, with the signature of a great author; and Sandra Aza, a new author who has everything to take our market by storm. If LA CATEDRAL DEL MAR was the novel of Barcelona, LIBELO DE SANGRE is the great novel of Madrid in the Golden Age. Lovers of historical novels are going to surrender to this Madrid, I have no doubt. Go and book it now because it will be sold out in two days. It’s just a hunch, but my intuition often works and LIBELO has everything to succeed. And finally, another novel by Francesc Miralles, with whom I started this blog and it is an honor to finish it with him. He does not abandon the juvenile world, and he does well, because he is also a master in this genre: JOHANNA Y EL DR. FRANKL is another novel of those that leave a mark.

We will be uncovering a little more of each one of them each week, but with this summary, you can already make a list to go to the bookstore and choose the readings that will help you to return to work. Reading is life, and it is always an ideal companion for specific moments, such as the rentrée, and everyone can choose as they feel. You can see that there is a litle bit of everything and everything is good. So happy return to all of you, and happy readings!

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