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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 12 November 2015

tumblr_ly2rfce85n1r01i57o1_500Several times I have commented on this blog the importance of grandparents. My grandparents marked me in a positive way, and now I’m glad to see that my parents are grandparents and they are marking my son, and my nephews. Their labour seems to be easy: they are allowed to pamper and indulge their grandsons with caution, but is not so easy, because the line is thin and sometimes parents do not agree on how grandparents educate their kids, but at the same time they rely on grandparents a lot. I think we need to learn to understand and recognize the work of grandparents, which is always in good faith.

In my case, my parents are exceptional grandparents, and the kids in the house never want them to leave. They play with them, explain things to them, and pamper them fairly, so we’ve been very lucky because the grandparents-children relationship is already live. We have managed to pass the legacy, and I wish all the kids would enjoy this special relationship.

As it happens to Eva in the book that Sonia Fernández-Vidal and Pilarín Bayés have recently published, entitled EL UNIVERSO EN TUS MANOS (THE UNIVERSE IN YOUR HANDS), where Eva doesn’t find her grandfather in his inventor study, but she finds some kind of spacecraft. Eva decides to go without knowing that there is going to start the biggest adventure of her life to rescue her grandfather while learning the most amazing things about the world we live in, the universe.

Again, Sonia Fernández-Vidal has put knowledge in the hands of younger children, and also in our hands, because this is a family book where we all learn and enjoy. This is a book of extraordinary quality with the best illustrations of the great Pilarín Bayés. Knowing the planet, the world, the universe makes us great in many ways and smaller in others, but that knowledge does not take place, is the icing on this fascinating book that everyone should have on at home. Thanks Sonia for making the difficult easy, and for being you, one as extraordinary as your books.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new”, Albert Einstein.

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