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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 23 March 2017

Life goes on and you start getting older. I’m happy to be able to do so, truly. I’m here, but I confess that, sometimes, I’ve got the feeling that time slips through my fingers and everything goes by too fast. I’d like to stop the clock and live more intensely this period where everything is good. My family, my work, my friends. It’s what I want: to be OK, to be happy and for the people surrounding me to be happy as well, so we can all share it. Even though I’ve got moments of wistfulness from the past, like those long summers, going out with friends until really late at night after having danced like crazy, moments of peace in which to talk to your best friend without mattering where, how or when… I believe, as well, that this current period that I’m living now is comfortable, and the only thing I’d like to have is more time for everything, and not let good moments slip by so quickly. I’d like to catch them on the fly and keep them in a box so that everything would be in slow motion, and appreciate them without haste. And I’m learning that if you want to, you can do it. You just have to be ready to do so, and believe it.

That’s why the book by Alfred and David Picó, BOJOS PER LA MÚSICA DELS 80! (‘CRAZY FOR THE MUSIC OF THE 80s’) has reminded me of the greatest moments I’d love to relive, along with sound tracks such as ‘Bailando’, from Alaska; ‘The river’, by Bruce Springsteen; ‘Taken on me’, by a-Ha; or ‘Thriller’, by Michael Jackson. It gives me the feeling that in the 90s, when we listened to music from the 80s, everything was slower and longer, but it’s not true, because you feel it more strongly as time goes by and you take consciousness of it. As a 20-year-old you still don’t have the feeling that time is slipping by, and reading this book by the Picó brothers is a breath of fresh air, of memories, that can be the perfect gift for this Saint George’s day for anyone who loves music and for anyone that manages to remember unforgettable moments in life through music, with a soundtrack playing on the background wherever they go.

Music, like books, are a part of life, they make it richer, and this mix of music and books becomes the perfect gift for when you want to take a break, relax and start to think about magical moments, making a mental album of those memories and trying to enjoy them once again, here and now, because if you want to, you can do it. Even more so if music comes along with you.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 October 2016

Last week I wrote about pre-Frankfurt, and this week is already the ‘post’. Truth is that I don’t know at which stage one has more work, whether before or after; but after, one has the satisfaction that it has already happened, that the nerves have been parked and the experience positive, which is the best part. Before leaving, there is always the laziness and the believing that with the email it can all be done. Because, since we are constantly in communication, one gets to think that fairs are of no use. But now, already back in the office, and after the event, one realizes that fairs are useful, and that, in addition, one cultivates the most important thing among people, which is face-to-face communication, and not communication through a screen, whether it is a big or a small one. Eye contact, the power of shaking hands, a hug, and the simple fact that people can see the sparkle in my eyes when I tell them about our books, are the irreplaceable weapons in our job; and, I believe, they are the necessary weapons to coexist with people in general.


To communicate effectively is indispensable to understand each other and, even if it doesn’t seem so, communication is an art that needs to be learnt and to have a positive attitude towards it; because to communicate is to establish relationships with people, and that, in our society, is everyday harder to accomplish. For this very reason, Alfred Picó’s book, 100 IDEES PER SER UN GRAN COMUNICADOR (100 ideas to be a great communicator) has been extremely useful to me. Because it explains from how to write an email effectively, because the use of WhatsApp, that from my point of view, all of us use more than we should, and I am the first one to abuse its use, can generate misunderstandings; how to write a Facebook or Twitter post, two of the social media channels that have changed the way we tell what happens to us. We write and expose everything to everyone, and, by doing so, we are often not aware of how it can affect us. Alfred has done a rigorous, innovative and contemporary job. Because, without communication, we are none, we are invisible and vulnerable. But we have to communicate with efficiency and skill, and even if that seems easy, it is not. Said so, this book, published by Cossetània Edicions, is a tool that can help you more than you think.

A book for the daily life and for all kinds of readers; because communication is one of the engines that move us, that make us be in contact. In the end, relationships are life, so better if one of the essential tools we have doesn’t fail, being it in any format; even if I will always take personal communication without a doubt.

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