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Would you risk your life to save the life of a stranger?

Author: Bruno Thursday 29 February 2024

I am especially excited to talk about this novel on the blog, the new one by Laia Perearnau, author of Francesca de Barcelona, winner of the Nèstor Luján award. Laia returns with an amazing historical novel. The story of a woman who risked her life to help others crossing the border through the mountains. After the Civil War, in Bescaran, a small village in Alt Urgell, the winning side dominates the town and Sol’s family is having a hard time because her father has had to flee and take refuge in France. One day, on a high mountain road, she encounters a dangerous smuggler and witnesses his rape and murder of a Jewish woman that was fleeing the war in Europe. After this, it is she who has to flee and hide among a group of smugglers in Andorra. There she will get to know the world of the smugglers and, while the Third Reich advances to the border and spreads terror along its path, she will discover that among the smugglers there are people willing to risk their lives to save people fleeing from the Nazis.

La Pasadora is a moving story where Laia Perearnau vindicates the neglected and forgotten role that women played in the resistance networks during World War II, while delving into the little-known figure of the passerines, who helped to evade pilots, soldiers, Jews and resistance fighters to Hitler’s regime.

Published by Columna in Catalan and Destino in Spanish, Laia Perearnau returns with a courageous novel based on real events.

Do you know who you are?

Author: Bruno Thursday 22 February 2024

Blogging about a work by Francesc Miralles is not a novelty for me because, fortunately, he is a writer that publishers demand and who is asked to write about different subjects, and although he is already a prestigious writer recognised all over the world, Francesc is capable of accepting commissions and loving that kind of works, however small they may be, if he considers that they can be inspiring books that will help others. He is a writer who is driven by creativity, and always does what he wants to do, but he is also driven by being able to write books that contribute something to the reader, as in this case, when he was asked to write for the youngest members of the household, something he does not usually do, and which is not an easy task. Nevertheless, the result has been excellent, as always. A beautiful album, entitled EL PAÍS DE LOS ESPEJOS, published by Esfera.

This apparently simple album makes us reflect on whether we know who we are, and shows us how difficult it is to find that out. The same person has different ways of being because we depend on the things that happen to us or the different moods we go through. But the best thing about this story is that it lets us know that it is up to us to change what we don’t like and, if we want something, we can fight to get it, because the power is in us and we must believe in it. The most fascinating world we can know is to know ourselves and to be able to be what we want to be and change what we want to change. That is why mirrors reflect what you are, and we must be able to look at ourselves and recognise ourselves. A wonderful message to pass on to the little ones at home and an interesting reflection for the grown-ups, as perhaps many of us still don’t know how to answer the question: Who are you?

Nunca volveremos a ser las mismas

Author: Bruno Thursday 15 February 2024

It has been months since the publishing world opened its doors to rom-coms, to romance novels for all ages, and we wanted to bring back one of the novels we published years ago with Espasa Calpe, ahead of time and fashion because this genre didn’t have much space before and now it has carved out a great niche for itself. So, the Espasa Calpe editorial team, the author and the agency decided that it was time to give Maica a second chance.

In Nunca volveremos a ser las mismas Maica is a rude woman, she has a heart that doesn’t fit in her chest and a chest that isn’t what it used to be. On the verge of her fifties and a few more vertiginous precipices, she is divorced, as well as the long-suffering mother of a teenage daughter, and lives at odds with the world in general and with her mother and men in particular. Besides, she also is a lawyer addicted to work who has only herself to speak for her and the well-meaning advice of her best friend. Maica will begin a journey from bewilderment to acceptance along which she will learn that a well-managed sense of humor is not only the best antidote to any hot flush, but the only compass capable of helping us getting through the worst storms.

As a woman of 50, I recommend this novel to those of you who are over 40 because you will laugh and see all the things that most of us women will start to experience when we are of a certain age. Knowing how to laugh at ourselves is the only way to move forward. I love the leitmotiv of this novel: We will never be the same again… and we don’t need to be.

Let’s read this novel and recommend it to all our friends, mothers, aunts and grandmothers, because it is an enjoyable read and it will help us to from ourselves from those heavy backpacks, which weigh us down from a mature age because we have to look great, be the best wives, the coolest mothers and, to top it off, the most competent in our jobs. Is there anyone who can bear it without falling into moments of despair? Let’s join Maica on this adventure, which will be everyone’s adventure.

We all are geniuses

Author: Bruno Thursday 8 February 2024

The GENIOTYPE method, which helps to know the innate talent in each one of us, has helped several people from different fields. It is a very useful tool to find confidence in yourself and to focus on what you may never have thought you could develop; and, if you do, not only it is your passion, but it can become your vocation. Tony Estruch came to the agency with his book GENIOTYPE, which already has five editions and we know that he is helping many to develop that hidden talent and, therefore, to be happier because, when you do what you like, you are much happier both in life and at work and, if you combine the two things, you are very close to feeling fulfilled. The best thing about this book is that it has been being able to get into schools, because teenagers have to choose their future very early and they are very disoriented. Knowing their talent is already an important step to give them adequate clues, weapons to face that big question: WHY DID I COME TO THIS WORLD?, which is the new title that has been released by Tony Estruch, who through a short and simple fable, explains what innate talent is and how it exists in each of us, no doubt; you just have to know how to bring it to light.

Through Izan, who decides to leave his home to flee from a destiny he has not chosen, he will lead us to know what the genotype map is and the nine symbols that will help us to know how we are and, therefore, what makes us happier. Izan does not imagine that his adventure will become a journey full of teachings that will lead him to discover his mission in life. He will meet nine masters who will teach him different types of genius in order to answer the big question: Why did I come to this world? Tony affirms that we all have a genius inside and that, if we believe in it and develop it, it gives us the guidelines to be able to work on what we like and, therefore, to be better; to work on choosing well, what we need and what we don’t. In short, to be able to live more aligned with ourselves and, therefore, to be happier, which is what we all want.

Most humans find it difficult, most of the time, to feel it and do it. So, with this fable, you are going to enter, without almost realizing it, on the road to happiness for you, guided by this brave character, who runs away from what he does not want and listens to the advice of the masters of life. Have you ever wondered if you are happy with what you do? You still have time to take the helm of your life and guide it through the genius within you.

Join the yes-to-everything movement

Author: Bruno Thursday 1 February 2024

This afternoon we will attend a party. We will go to the presentation of a book, the new book by Ferran Cases, and it will be a party. Not all book presentations are the same, and Ferran’s are even less so. After the success he has had with his previous books: THE LITTLE BIG BOOK OF ANXIETY and THE BRAIN OF HAPPY PEOPLE, with which he has helped thousands of people to overcome anxiety, he surprises us with a new book and a new approach to habits. It seems that everything has been said about habits, that which we must follow to the letter and cannot skip to maintain our balance in life, but Ferran puts the focus elsewhere and tells us: “ENOUGH NONSENSE. YOU ALREADY HAVE WHAT YOU NEED”. And he is right: we already know it all, we have it all; so what are we missing? We need to adjust, refocus and explore what we already have. Ferran knows that almost all of us who will read this book already have habits or are trying to have them, so why don’t we try to improve what feels good to us, give strength to what is authentic and give value to what we already have? Say YES TO ALMOST EVERYTHING and you will discover that what you have learned is useful to you, that it has been worthwhile, but that you must give a twist to this theory and practice so that it not only serves you, but so that you enjoy it and value what you do and why you do it. A more than useful guide, which opens a different and necessary perspective among so much information in this great world of self-help.

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