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Author: Bruno Thursday 5 December 2019

Time should stop every time we meet someone extraordinary. I remember almost every moment I’ve spent with Nadia Ghulam, because from the first moment she entered the agency there was a very special connection, at least on my side. She was a young Afghan who spoke Catalan and had been adopted by a Catalan family from Badalona. I met her thanks to Agnès Rotger, who helped her explain her story in a book: EL SECRET DEL MEU TURBANT (Columna, 2010), which translates as THE SECRET OF MY TURBAN. The work captivated me and I thought I had in my hands the opportunity to give voice to a unique story. Even though at first neither of us was very sure of wanting to present the novel directly to a prize like Prudenci Bertrana’s in 2010, we did it and we won it. That was our first step in this great adventure.

Nadia was moved when I explained to her that I locked myself at home all weekend to read her full story. I especially remember that moment of reading, with the dim light I had in my old dining room, as well as the emotion I felt when I first read this story so personal, true and hard. My heart was racing for the injustice that a girl like Nadia had to endure. Thinking about what she had experienced made me suffer so much that I had to stop reading several times to digest the facts. Nadia is such a brave girl that she even had to pretend to be her dead brother for ten years to help her family move forward. Her experience in Afghanistan was an impressive challenge, as it is a country at war in which the role of women is overshadowed by men. It was in this way that Nadia, with her turban, managed to save her mother and her sisters, who, without men at home, did not know how to survive. It’s inevitable not to be touched by a story like this.

From here, Nadia has not stopped fighting for them, for building a library in her country and for trying to get women treated as they deserve. Ten years have passed since its publication and the book is still alive because Nadia keeps giving talks explaining her experience and her current projects. From the agency, we try to continue to give opportunities to this real story around the world. THE SECRET OF MY TURBANTE has already been translated into 12 languages and relatively recently arrived in Brazil, Lithuania and Romania. Its recent publication in France has given this book a second life and has made it easier for us to have an offer for film rights. For this reason, I have decided to dedicate a new blog to the book. We don’t want to stop encouraging publishers who haven’t yet assessed it, because a novel like this is an example for everyone to know that fighting for what you feel, for what you want, is possible.

Nadia teaches us to be brave, to recognize our fears and to learn to live with them. More and more of us are by her side, helping her to give voice to this story, and we must continue to fight so that more and more readers want to support Nadia. It is a story that cannot leave anyone indifferent and committed editors and readers less so.


Author: Bruno Thursday 28 November 2019

Christmas is just around the corner. As everyone knows, this is a time that should be reigned by peace, love and the feeling of wanting to be with your loved ones; it is a time to enjoy with your family and a time when only good things should happen. I confess that I’m in love with this holiday season, with Christmas movies, family meals and gifts. I’ve always said that in my family we’ve experienced it very intensely and it is wonderful to be able to preserve this tradition. However, I must also say that, as you get older, you become more realistic and it seems that this Christmas magic is harder to cultivate. At least that’s how I feel because not everyone has the GOOD LUCK to have what I have: a united family to spend this holiday with.

The words GOOD LUCK are what leads me to write this blog today, in honor of the relaunch of LA BUENA SUERTE (published as GOOD LUCK in English), the book written by Álex Rovira and Fernando Trías de Bes. It is a wonderful story about what luck and good luck are, which, as similar as they might seem, they are not the same. Through this novel, you understand that LUCK ends up passing and doesn’t depend on you, but GOOD LUCK is something you pursue and that lasts forever. This book is, in short, an inspiring work that reveals the secrets to create that path to GOOD LUCK.

The Spanish imprint Zenith now publishes the new version of LA BUENA SUERTE, which may be considered as the largest Spanish publishing phenomenon of recent times with 4,000,000 copies sold. This special edition also includes an original text written by the authors. It is a reference book, highly recommended, with which you will feel accompanied, well and focused to a clear goal. Those of you who already are fans of this book don’t hesitate to reread it: it may seem easy to carve out your own destiny, but sometimes you forget the most obvious things and your path gets dark again.

Do you want to find the magic four-leaf clover? There’s only one way: start looking for it now. LA BUENA SUERTE has been a book translated all over the world and we hope to relaunch it in all possible languages. We believe that if we give the opportunity to read this book in any language, we will help more people get lucky and make the world a better place. Don’t we all want a happier world? Let’s make it happen by cultivating our good luck.


Author: Bruno Thursday 21 November 2019

I have never been a fan of the more traditional fantasy genre, but I must confess that I don’t like tags because when I read THE NEVERENDING STORY I really fell in love with that book, even if many people describe it as “fantasy.” Thanks to Michael Ende, I have continued reading more books of this genre and I have liked many of them without becoming an unconditional fan. I am delighted to have given Daniel Pastrana the opportunity to publish his fantasy novel LOS PORTADORES DEL DON (“The Bearers of the Gift”). The young readers of the agency, who do know what works in this genre, were enthusiastic about their reading. I did not hesitate to help this author publish this work that, like many novels in this line, presents a complex story difficult to explain. So, here is a summary of a novel that is worth giving it a try:

In a world totally different from ours, there were two great races: humans and deivos. For a long time, deivos, who possess special gifts, saw humans as inferior and weak beings. The tensions between the two groups ended up generating an arduous battle between the two races, in which the humans ended up winning. Once the battle was over, they went on to pursue the few survivors cruelly.

Berthal and Helga are two brothers of different blood who live in a small village. One day, the Cathartids, an order of knights of family titles who persecute the deivos, arrive to the village of Berthal and Helga and execute a three-year-old girl live. While Berthal shows his admiration for the Cathartids, Helga is reluctant to this cruelty. When the little deivo attacks the knights and seeks refuge in Helga’s arms, the Cathartids see the stepbrothers as a threat to hunt down.

When they hunt Helga they realize that she is also a deivo who possesses one of the most precious gifts: she can repress the gifts of others. Berthal, trying to help Helga, realizes that he also has powers: can summon fire. Helga has been protecting them both repressing their powers and giving them the opportunity to have a free and normal life. In this way Helga ends up being imprisoned by Sissel, the leader, who wants the girl to join them in their fight to kill all the damned. On the other hand, Berthal decides to flee the town to save his sister from the order of the Cathartids.

LOS PORTADORES DEL DON is a novel of races, of powers, of battles, well hatched, fast-paced and with the necessary ingredients so that readers can engage in the adventure that the two sisters live. Many times in real life I think I would like to have super powers to be able to change many things, but it is seen that, if you do not know how to handle the power granted well, greed ends up surpassing goodness and the gift can turn against you.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 14 November 2019

The novel “La tortuga que huía del jaguar” (the tortoise that was escaping the jaguar) by Marta Quintín was the first book she sent to the agency. We spotted an indisputable literary quality but in the publishing world these kind of novels are hard to place if you don’t have a name yet, because it’s a difficult book that doesn’t fit into any particular genre: it’s just talent. So we told Marta to write something literary but with a more commercial topic and we published “El color de la luz” (the color of light), with Suma, and this is a novel I highly recommend to all the readers who want a love story in which the art is present on every page.

So everything started with this novel but we knew that Marta didn’t give up on her turtle, a book she wrote after her trip to Costa Rica, a literary and vital journey. We decided to submit the novel to the Valencia Prize, edited by Versátil, a publishing house that we really like how they work, and we crossed our fingers. And it happened: this novel, very special to Marta, was awarded the first prize. I know this book will also be special for the readers because it conveys passion, because you can smell the jungle and tropical atmosphere, and above all, because it makes you think how an act that we see or hear, like a turtle killed by a jaguar, can move you and lead you to embark on a journey of decision making, like it happens to our main character Marilia.

When she hears the news, she figures out that it’s time to leave home. Marilia leaves behind the aunt Granada and the enigmatic Jasón, who fishes for her. After saying goodbye to the Demon of the Dock, a monstrous being who is mocked by everyone in the village, she starts a journey that will take her through exotic places, but the most important one will be her past, the only way to understand the present. That’s how Marilia will discover a secret that will encourage her to make the wildest decision of her life, a fight to death between the two most powerful forces of human nature: fear and desire.

A novel that has finally found its place, now that more books are being published that do not need labeling, books that simply transmit, and I believe that’s what Marta achieves with this second novel.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 7 November 2019

Writing this blog is not easy for me, because talking about sex is still a taboo among people of my generation. I think about it and I find it ridiculous, because I’m the first to think that this shouldn’t be this way. That’s why when Eva Moreno, sexologist and founder of  TAPERSEX®, told me that it was necessary this book, MI DESEO DEPENDE DE MI (My desire depends on me) about the sexual desire and the endless possibilities of the female masturbation, I knew she was right because the daily routine or being always in a rush makes sex the last thing of the list, and actually, it’s a very important part of life, whether you’re in a couple or not.

Why is sex always on that to-do list? Unconsciously, we are boycotting ourselves because sex will definitely make us feel better, but instead, we feel tired, we don’t find the right moment, or any excuse is good, so sex stays at the bottom of the line. I don’t believe that young people are going through the same situation, perhaps I’m wrong, but this guide is more addressed to women because they are the ones who wish to enjoy sex freely, without taboos. They want to explore new types of pleasures and, what’s most important, to take care of their own pleasure, which seems to stay always in the second place. Eva firmly believes that we’re sexual beings and, therefore, we cannot abstain ourselves from sexuality, even if we don’t practice it. She claims that having a sexual toy in the nightstand drawer prevents you from having sex with someone you don’t desire, or that sexual fantasies are a good way for arousing sexual desire and break with the routine, for example.

A useful book that provides real insights about how we should or we could be. Knowing all these big and little tips will help us a lot to approach sex in a different, innovative and more gratifying way.

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