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Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 8 September 2021

I know Nadia Ghulam since more than ten years ago and she is one of the best people I have met. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she spent her childhood and adolescence, which were pretty rough given that she made herself pass as her brother, who had died, in order to save her family, until 2006 when she left the country and started living like a refugee in Catalonia. She works as a social educator and is an activist for human rights and peace. She has never stop fighting for her country and her Afghan family. Nadia founded the Ponts per la Pau association (Bridges for the Peace Association) which helps children from Kabul to have an opportunity, the one Nadia did not have, by means of education, despite de situation of the country, the one who, unfortunately, has fallen behind and Nadia vindicates now more than ever that we must do something. Her book THE SECRET OF MY TURBAN, published by Columna and Planeta, which has been in the market for more than ten years and has been translated to eleven languages, is about her real story, the one we should all read to know how they used to live in Afghanistan and because after the latest news of the country, seas of people have wanted to leave and become refugees in any other part of the world where there pain and abuse do not exist. Many of us can not imagine this sensation but when Nadia talks about it make your hairs stand on end while stirs the fighting spirit she had and that she keeps alive now more than ever.

This week goes on sale Nadia’s first children’s book, illustrated by Mona Brunet, THE LAND OF THE WINGLESS BIRDS, published by La Galera in Catalan and Spanish, where Nadia has tried to write about the people that escape for having a home and a place to shelter. She dedicates this book to the refugees, her country, the most vulnerable children and to all the people that time after time must fight for their wings to grow, to fly and to find a nest. A book that was started in 2019 and that sees the light just in this moment so convulsive for her native country but so necessary for those of us who live in a world with commodities and can choose when and how do the things we want, gain necessary awareness since little. A book all parents should read to their children to get to know little Bibí and her family who live happyly in the land of wingless birds. One day hundreds of different birds appear in the sky, birds with wings, who see themselves superior to the others and have no respect for anything. Life will change for all those birds that until then have lived peacefully. The fire and horror start to destroy everything, the winged birds run away without helping others. How will the wingless birds avoid the fire? They must run away to survive. Bibí decides to run without looking back, builds a pair of wings with stems and leaves that help to lift her a little but the rain and the wind destroy them. Alone will get nowhere. Who will help little Bibí to get past her fears and set out on this long journey? There is always someone good, I need to believe that, who gives you a helping hand, in this case, wings to help you fly.

Nadia is a born fighter, and with this book we can not only learn about friendship, courage and to worry about others, we can also think about a country that yet again is in the wrong hands and needs our help to no go back.

Buying this book is a first big step because reading always makes us better.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 2 September 2021

Thursday, the first one after the well deserved holidays, and we want to welcome you to the beginning of this new course, which will come loaded with so many literary releases, which, as always, we will be sharing with you through this blog and our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube, I encourage you to join if you are not already, and also encourage all those who love books to follow us, this way you can be updated of the novelties of our authors, but also with the news and important things in the Publishing World.

Many of you have already visited our new offices in the center of the Barcelona neighborhood of Gracia (Milà i Fontanals, 14, 2º 3ª, 080012) where we are very comfortable and with a different concept of how to approach our work with all the changes that this year and a half has raised us.

We have 4 months left of this 2021 to enjoy good books, discover new voices, consolidate the already known ones and continue walking together in this publishing world that never stops surprising us.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 13 January 2022

Second week of the year and first one of normality. Everything starts again, kids go back to school and set those weekly routines that orchestrate life to the families. It is difficult come back after holidays and almost all of us start this year with a list of resolutions for this year. Although I have decided to not do it and let it flow, I have witnessed different conversations between my friends about that repetitive list that year after year it is almost the same one: lose weight, quit smoking, finding the perfect man, go to the gym at least two times a week. This is the list that people tell each other but there are the personal ones with ambitious or personal goals that we often mix up with unachievable wishes, but we should put them as goals as well. Why not?

That is why, the book that I would like to suggest this week is a tool to get to know ourselves better. I believe that it is vital to look inside of us to know what we really want, how we are, and in what moment we are. With THE CUBE’S GAME, by Mayde Molina and Amir Zare, we will be able to see the canvas of our lives. Through the journey of a young Shiraz, where she will meet a wise sufi who will guide her to some other place and will reveal her the secrets of the inside world, we will be able to trace our own journey. Can an ancestral game reveal to us how we are against life? It can, and not only it will help the lead of the book but also you, as a reader among her, you will discover your inside world and the map that you will draw with this game, you will be able to take control of your destiny. Aren’t you curious about what route this 2022 has in store for you?

I did it and it came out the perfect portrait of my actual state and my goals. An ideal tool to start the year with a roadmap that will help us achieve those external and internal lists that everyone does to follow what we most desire.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 23 December 2021

Sandra Bruna’s team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a 2022 filled with happiness, health, and books, and that we can share it all.

We will take a break the week from the 3rd to the 9th of January to come back recharged and ready to start a new year, which we hope will be better.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 16 December 2021

This week, and with Christmas very near, I love to recommend a family book. Álex Rovira and Francesc Miralles publish their third book of the Tales collection with Destino. After the success with TALES TO LOVE YOURSELF BETTER with 8 editions in Spanish and 5 in Catalan and sold to Rumania, Italy and Poland, and TALES FOR HAPPY BOYS AND GIRLS with 2 editions and going up, they publish TALES TO HAVE COURAGE, with 35 tales to help you empower yourself and overcome adversities. Who teaches us how to deal with life?

Both the children and adults have in our hands a great power, and with great power comes a great responsibility, like the superheroes, to shape our life and the new world that waits for us is necessary to wake up the courage that comes from self-knowledge of one’s strengths. Because of this, this anthology works the resilience, the art of sailing through the difficulties, the creative thinking and the of cultivation nutritive relationships, among a lot of other subjects that will help us have more courage.

Through this tales the parents can learn how to pass on these tools to our kids because what we want is that they are happy, yes, but we also want them not to suffer and that they know how to defend themselves in front of difficulties, without fear, face the situations with judgement and resilience. Many adults still do not know how to do it depending on the situations, because when they were children, nobody taught them how to do it.

I believe that between the three books, this one has an especial power because we know that there will be problems in life, but having the tranquility to have the weapons to fix problems has an incalculable value, and I am sure, that pass on this legacy to our children is something that all parents, grandparents, uncles, and godparents want for the little ones, and by the way, reflect on it as adults.

This book is a useful gift for this life, that after the pandemic it looks like everything is starting to go back to normality, not the normality that we had and that maybe will never come back, so we will have to adapt to this new reality, and we need tools like courage to do so.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 9 December 2021

Another year has passed, the month of December, Christmas, and our solidarity campaign LA LITERATURA ALIMENTA is back for the eight consecutive year. There have been years where I have been tempted to throw in the towel, not because of a lack of interest, but because it is not easy to ask people to solidary. Also, we must understand that it is not anyone’s duty to be solidary, and chase after people to collaborate is an arduous work that needs its time, a very valuable thing, at least in my life, and which every time I manage it worse, because I would need my day to be not only 48 hours, but 72. Life does not stop, work either, and this solidary challenge is greater every time.

It is true that every year we put bar higher to be able to help more kids, this year we want to achieve 1,500 meals, that for a lot of kids will be the only hot meal of the day, but to accomplish this, we must earn 4,500 euros. Last year it was difficult to reach 3,000 euros, but we made it, with a lot of tenacity, but it was not easy, since like what I said, solidarity must not be and obligation, it must be a feeling. Because of this, one of the reasons of this campaign was to demonstrate that the editorial world not only receives, but it also gives. It looks like we are known to just ask, to always complain, and my idea was to show the world that it is not true, because culture has always been solidary in one way or another. LA LITERATURA ALIMENTA intends to be another way to show the solidary face of the cultural world and to firmly believe that life is giving and receiving, which I have always believed and have tried to apply in all the aspects in my life.  Never have I thought of giving only for the porpoise of receiving something in return, but I do believe that the universe takes care of making the path bidirectional for those who deserve it.

I am not ashamed to share with us that I am one of those who believe in the universe, in the stars and the magic of Christmas, and it is because of this that I ask you to look inside you and if you also feel it, you help us achieve this solidary challenge another year, and that any children is left without a hot meal a day, since it is already sad that there are kids that can only count on this. The link for helping us is this: . The deadline is the 30th of January of 2022, so do not think too hard, click o the link, enter and contribute the amount that you want. The important thing is being able to do something for others. We all spend money in things that we do not need, do not avoid this and let’s do an investment in helping families that can not give their children what should be the minimum.

I want to thank the authors of the agency that have3 helped us make a little gift for those who collaborate in this year’s campaign. 12 videos with 12 advices to have a great 2022. From the non-fiction authors, who with their books can help us be better, Anna, Solyom, Álex Rovira, Cristina Benito, Dr. Eduard Estivill, Ferran Cases, Francesc Miralles, Gabriel García de Oro, Gaspar Hernández, Meritxell García, Nacho Mülhenberg, Sara Teller, Sonia Rico y Tony Estruch, you will have 12 very simple advice that will for sure give you the guideline to live better, happier, and fuller. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for your solidarity.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 2 December 2021

I have never had trouble connecting with people, on the contrary. I have always liked people, and as years go by, I realise that even if you like people, there are different frequencies between us and not all of us vibrate at the same time. Nevertheless, I have always tried to put myself in the place of the other people, in life but also in my job, in which I think it is fundamental to always know how to be in the other people’s shoes.

This book of Meritxell García shows us this: the importance of teaching the little ones empathy. We will meet Mimi, who has holed socks and her mother accompanies her to buy new ones. She picks ones with centipede drawings but what Mimi does not know is that they are magical and will allow her to put herself in her beloved ones’ shoes thanks to the children’s game of putting other people’s shoes on. What will Mimi discover about the feelings of the others around her and, even her own, thanks to the magic socks? A simple way to be able to feel what others feel in the same situation. How I wish I had those socks!!!

Empathy is the invisible thread that connects us as people, it is seeing the world with other people’s eyes. It is a value that you can teach, pass on, and therefore as parents we should try to instil our children empathy early on, like we teach them how to eat or sleep, because life with empathy will always be easier since it is a two-way path. The one who is empathic feels lucky to know how to see what others do not, and the one to receive empathy because there is someone who tries to understand them. I am sure this way we would grow up in a world a little bit better. So, I encourage everyone to read this book with the little ones at home. An ideal present for this Christmas, so that all of us can be a little bit more empathic this 2022.

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