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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 18 January 2018

How many times have I referred to friendship in this blog? The truth is that it is impossible not to since many novels I like to recommend are based on the topic of friendship. For me it’s enormously important, it’s always been, hence why I’ve had so many disappointing experiences, because I have such big expectations out of friendship that I always wanted it to be the same for everyone, unfortunately it is not so. Everyone has different ideas of friendship, and no, there is no way you can ask anyone to share your same idea. For me, a friend is a treasure, someone who is by your side when things go right and when things go wrong, someone whom you can talk to about anything and everything, someone who listens you and someone with whom silences can be shared.

Life has taught me that there are few true friends, real true friends, and that we have to ‘make an effort’ to keep them by our side. We live surrendered by people who make us laugh, make us have fun and collect good memories, but true friends, real friends, there are less than a few, at least in my life. One of my biggest joys is to have back a friend I lost on the way because of a misunderstanding I’ve not been able to understand yet, but I’m sure I was mistaken, thankfully that person is back in my life and is here to stay. That is my long life friendship. The truth is I’ve made some great new friendships lately, many have to do with sport, and this friendships make me happy and I hope they stay by my side for a long time. I hope we can make it until forever, this is one of my goals.

And for now, one of these big friendships I’m glad to have by my side is Sílvia Tarragona, author of the book I’m so pleased to introduce you TAL COMO ÉRAMOS/TAL COM ÉREM (The Way We Were). She asked for support and I was committed to help her. We spend many afternoons having a coffee, catching up and building this novel, which she’s written. A novel which is an ode on friendship and on human relationships, and on family too, those who are always by our side. It is the pursuit of a perfect life, which, Sandra, the main character, comes up to realize does not exist. But through the journey she discovers and learns how important it is to choose correctly the people you have by your side when overcoming difficulties and sharing happy moments. Sandra narrates the power of human relationships, the fight against any adversity, falling in love with the wrong person, and the pleasure of having people who are loving and caring, and who will be with her through thick and thin, to go on with life. Life goes on, and so do we, and may be TAL COMO ÉRAMOS/TAL COM ÉREM is a great example of personal overcoming in which my great friend Sílvia has been working so hard to astonish the reader, to make us dive deep into ourselves and to make the readers wonder and have a great time while reading it. Congratulations my dear Sílvia, you have definitely passed the test.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 11 January 2018

This Christmas Holidays I’ve been addicted to Netflix’s Stranger Things. At first, I thought it wasn’t made for me, but my 13 years old teenager kept insisting to watch it together and, to be honest, I do really look forward sharing his hobbies, films, TV series, paddle and whatever comes in the future. Now he is in those days that he still wants to spend time with me, although they say these days will soon come to an end, but the truth is that I refuse to believe they will end, but just in case, I live in the moment, and I must say I have really enjoyed the TV series and I, especially, have really enjoyed watching it all together, after having had our dinner, while sitting on the sofa. Strange occurrences, mysteries, loyalty and a bit of everything to keep our eyes on the TV, discuss what is going to happen and wait, anxiously, for the next day to watch the following chapter.

School has begun again, we’ve finished watching the TV series, but much more is on its way, so I’ve recommended my son a book, since it made me feel the same ‘‘fear’’, that same tension, I felt when watching Stranger Things. It was XAVIER GUAL’S LA NOIA DE LA CARAVANA (The Motorhome Girl), winner of the Ramon Muntaner Award in 2017 published by Fanbooks, and that I can assure you you’ll be hooked from the very beginning. There are no strange occurrences, but mystery is present through the development of the novel, taking place in an abandoned camp in the middle of the woods, where Laura and Kilian spend the night. Laura isn’t in good spirits, and when she wakes up she discovers Kilian is missing and she soon begins to discover some successes that will risk her life. However, she is able to overcome her fears until she finds out what is really going on.

A very well written, well composed, in the author’s own personal style, which won’t disappoint anyone, young or adult, because it’s a work suitable for all readers, one of those you begin to read on a Friday and finish on a Sunday because you just cannot take your hands off it. As in the TV series, you need to know what is about to happen next… What else could you ask for? Even more, what is better, not only TV series are able to hook us, this magnificent book achieves so too, and really successfully what is amazing; so there you go, high voltage reading for everyone.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 21 December 2017

We are on a countdown to Christmas day and there are only a couple of days left before the beginning of a very well needed break after this year’s last term. Now it is the time to remember all the good, to be thankful for it and to collect these moments, to keep them in our life album and to never forget them. For me, 2017 has been a year of reuniting with old friends and with friends that I though I’d lost, but we are back together, and we are stronger and better than ever. Life has given me a second chance and I’m not going to waste it, because as time goes by you realize your appreciation for the others keeps increasing and you become more selective with people you choose to be around you. Hence why having back one of my bestest friends and having new ones is great as it is having those who have been here for a long time and those whom we have shared loads of moments, so there are several reasons to define this year 2017 as the Friendship Year. As in Care SantosMEDIA VIDA, awarded with the Nadal award at the begging of the year, past memories and old friendships always come back, for the good or for the bad.

2017 has also been a year of self-improvement and personal growth, and because of books as Eva Sandoval’s TU PODER NINJA, I’ve been able to think and understand more easily that there is no need to fight to reach your dream. It’s also been a year full of knowledge, of searching and finding, and with Francesc Miralles’ and Héctor García’s IKIGAI, I’ve discovered what makes me move with more determination in this world. And in these pleasing reading moments I’ve had the company of amazing characters as Guille and Amalia, created by Alejandro Palomas to enter our lives and never leave, or Rebeca, Barbara Alves’ novel main character, whom I’ve laughed my head out with the company of a Nutella bottle on my bedside table. And many other vibrant novels by authors such as Paz Castelló, Susana Rodríguez Lezaun, Núria Pradas, Esther Sanz, Gabriel García Oro, Carmen Conde , Xulio Ricardo Trigo or Sílvia Tarragó who have made of this year a year full of good readings with elements I will for ever keep in my memory box all together with my memories of 2017, with a huge smile, because books are our journey partners in each and every sense, and I feel lucky to be surrounded by these wonderful gifts.

My suggestion is to fill this Christmas with books, they are not only one of the best presents we can give, because reading is living, understanding, educating, enjoying, thinking and having fun. So I add here the best catalogue so that you can pick a book for every loved one, they will be hugely thankful, for sure.

Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2018 for all of us.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 14 December 2017

This week’s blog post is special because, exceptionally, I’m not recommending any book, today I am asking you for a bit of charity. I’m very proud that one of the million ideas that run through  my mind, has finally come true, and today, November the 14th we are celebrating LA LITERATURA QUE ALIMENTA’s fifth birthday. An idea I had while watching Educos’s advert, one of their first when they were getting popular, and as I have always loved helping, I thought that from the agency we could all join forces and fusion literature and charity, the perfect union. This is how this campaign was born, and thanks to all of those who follow us, our authors, loyal to our proposal to collect money each year for this NGO which strives every day to assure no kid is left without a warm plate a day by getting them food.

This publishing world keeps growing everyday with more and more people joining us, as editors, book sellers, readers, designers, and they help us in making this dream grow, step by step, so that we are able to collect more money and so be able to help those who need it the most. I’m really happy to see we have come a long way and we are not tired, we haven’t surrendered, on the opposite, every time I look more forward to preparing this charity party, and although it is not easy to reunite people, prepare the meeting, the details, and to think about the event, illusion is on top of all of this and seeing the power of this little drop is really worthy it and really does make me happy. It really moves me when I see the unconditional support of my friends, those who belong to the editorial world and those who don’t, to become part of this team, who are trying to help these families who are unable to give their children a warm plate. Although it may seem impossible there are families living under these conditions because, even though we may think economic crisis is over, it is not, and we must take conscience that there is people that do need help.

Life, for me, makes no sense if we don’t give what we have to those we love, those who need it. And it would not make sense if I didn’t Thank those who have helped and supported this little idea, directly coming from my heart, to become true and to become a Literary Party and charity in this literary world. So this afternoon I’m hoping to see many of this year’s T-shirts so that this year we can help more than 400 children. Let’s color this day black and yellow, the colors of our literary charity, to get a new record, and make of 2018 a year full of books that feed souls, that will, for sure, make us be better. Literature not only feeds wit, wisdom and humor, but also gives those who need it the most. LET’S MAKE A TOAST WITH A SMILE ON OUR FACES.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 7 December 2017

TV series set trends, that is a given, and this year Netflix spoiled us with the TV adaptation of 13 reasons why, which made book sales exponentially rise up . Image always calls the youngest’s attention more easily since they have been born in the digital era, but they get, then, the book, so there is nothing to worry about. One of the TV series that keeps all teenagers in front of the TV each Monday night is ‘‘Merlí’’, broadcasted in Catalan in TV3, with the first season aired also in Spanish in La Sexta. The main idea behind the TV series is to convey philosophical values to teenagers through an irreverent teacher who teaches the toughest and hardest assignment, and, for many, the ‘’crappiest’’ one. However the ‘’mad’’ teacher knows how to explain each philosopher and their philosophy in an original and entertaining manner, and he even explains how what these wise men said can be understood and applied in nowadays world, and prove how those knowledges are not obsolete, but very much the opposite.

Hence why I think the book FILOSOFIA PER TREMPAR by J.R.Casafont can be an easy to read work for all of those who love the TV serie, which is reaching its ending, I think there are only two Mondays left, or maybe one, so the book can be a tool to understand even better why philosophy can help us making decisions every day, getting to know ourselves, and meeting people and establishing better relationships with them, the metaphysical secrets, the boundaries between good and bad in a world like our present world, how to be a spiritual in a material world and all we can come to know and all we can’t.

An interesting and free-and-easy book which, after the massive success of the TV series, should be one of the bestsellers at Christmas time, and forever, since a book with good tips is always a good idea in teenager’s lives and in their parents’, who should also read it. The author believes that philosophy is not difficult, but most of the times it is not well taught. Philosophers were not crazy wise men imprisoned in their own worlds, they were normal people, like you and I, who wanted to enjoy life, but who had problems, like all of us, and the only difference is that maybe they were not scared to say what they thought. Expressing one’s feelings is freedom, according to André Comte-Sponville ‘’The aim of philosophy will almost always be happiness, freedom or truth, or the conjunction of the three: wisdom’’.

We all want to be happy, free and wise, of that I’m sure, so a book like this one should be amongst our shelves, any practical tools to achieve what one desires is a treasure, and if it is in book format, it is even better. Happy reading!

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