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Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 8 September 2021

I know Nadia Ghulam since more than ten years ago and she is one of the best people I have met. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she spent her childhood and adolescence, which were pretty rough given that she made herself pass as her brother, who had died, in order to save her family, until 2006 when she left the country and started living like a refugee in Catalonia. She works as a social educator and is an activist for human rights and peace. She has never stop fighting for her country and her Afghan family. Nadia founded the Ponts per la Pau association (Bridges for the Peace Association) which helps children from Kabul to have an opportunity, the one Nadia did not have, by means of education, despite de situation of the country, the one who, unfortunately, has fallen behind and Nadia vindicates now more than ever that we must do something. Her book THE SECRET OF MY TURBAN, published by Columna and Planeta, which has been in the market for more than ten years and has been translated to eleven languages, is about her real story, the one we should all read to know how they used to live in Afghanistan and because after the latest news of the country, seas of people have wanted to leave and become refugees in any other part of the world where there pain and abuse do not exist. Many of us can not imagine this sensation but when Nadia talks about it make your hairs stand on end while stirs the fighting spirit she had and that she keeps alive now more than ever.

This week goes on sale Nadia’s first children’s book, illustrated by Mona Brunet, THE LAND OF THE WINGLESS BIRDS, published by La Galera in Catalan and Spanish, where Nadia has tried to write about the people that escape for having a home and a place to shelter. She dedicates this book to the refugees, her country, the most vulnerable children and to all the people that time after time must fight for their wings to grow, to fly and to find a nest. A book that was started in 2019 and that sees the light just in this moment so convulsive for her native country but so necessary for those of us who live in a world with commodities and can choose when and how do the things we want, gain necessary awareness since little. A book all parents should read to their children to get to know little Bibí and her family who live happyly in the land of wingless birds. One day hundreds of different birds appear in the sky, birds with wings, who see themselves superior to the others and have no respect for anything. Life will change for all those birds that until then have lived peacefully. The fire and horror start to destroy everything, the winged birds run away without helping others. How will the wingless birds avoid the fire? They must run away to survive. Bibí decides to run without looking back, builds a pair of wings with stems and leaves that help to lift her a little but the rain and the wind destroy them. Alone will get nowhere. Who will help little Bibí to get past her fears and set out on this long journey? There is always someone good, I need to believe that, who gives you a helping hand, in this case, wings to help you fly.

Nadia is a born fighter, and with this book we can not only learn about friendship, courage and to worry about others, we can also think about a country that yet again is in the wrong hands and needs our help to no go back.

Buying this book is a first big step because reading always makes us better.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 2 September 2021

Thursday, the first one after the well deserved holidays, and we want to welcome you to the beginning of this new course, which will come loaded with so many literary releases, which, as always, we will be sharing with you through this blog and our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube, I encourage you to join if you are not already, and also encourage all those who love books to follow us, this way you can be updated of the novelties of our authors, but also with the news and important things in the Publishing World.

Many of you have already visited our new offices in the center of the Barcelona neighborhood of Gracia (Milà i Fontanals, 14, 2º 3ª, 080012) where we are very comfortable and with a different concept of how to approach our work with all the changes that this year and a half has raised us.

We have 4 months left of this 2021 to enjoy good books, discover new voices, consolidate the already known ones and continue walking together in this publishing world that never stops surprising us.


Author: Bruno Thursday 2 February 2023

Anxiety is the big word. The most used among all of us who go through life against the clock. Who doesn’t feel pressure in their chest? Nerves? Almost all of us have worries or things that make us anxious, and we can all be affected by anxiety at some time or another. Not for nothing is it one of the most common mental afflictions in the West, which can present itself as a simple annoyance but sometimes becomes a huge black cloud that prevents us from living as we want.

Ferran Cases, expert in anxiety, invites us to explore the patterns that lead us to feel anxious and teaches us how to change them. All this in small and accessible steps, which the author presents in the form of a staircase of stages to overcome. Step by step, we will learn to breathe, to calm our inner voice and control catastrophic thoughts, to soak up the importance of physical exercise or mindfulness, to cultivate habits that allow us to keep moving forward. The way out of anxiety is to know ourselves and redirect our way of interpreting the world, and we just have to have the courage to take the first step. In this new edition, completely revised and expanded, Cases includes new exercises and five additional steps that, based on the philosophical principle of stoicism (a doctrine based on the mastery of facts and passions that disturb life), use the courage and reason of personal character to help us conquer the art of true happiness.

Ferran is on the seventh edition of EL CEREBRO DE LA GENTE FELIZ (THE BRAINS OF HAPPY PEOPLE) and 8 countries, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy and Poland, have chosen to translate it. Ferran’s experience, backed up by a neuroscientist, Sara Teller, led to this practical and necessary book. In EL PEQUEÑO GRAN LIBRO DE LA ANSIEDAD (THE LITTLE BIG BOOK OF ANXIETY), Ferran provides us with the tools he has learned and how to apply them, after listening to experts on the subject and going through his own personal experience. An effective technique, for all of us who ever feel that uncomfortable feeling called anxiety, that invades us and sometimes paralyzes us. Climbing Ferran’s steps is a therapy that can help us when we are anxious about our daily tasks, when we are somewhat overwhelmed, and if we follow these steps we could get to control it. Therefore, this is a necessary book for most of us. It will not disappoint you.


Author: Bruno Thursday 26 January 2023

I don’t tend to talk about poetry on this blog, since we don’t represent poets. However, some of our authors dare to venture into the genre, which I always admire, because I find it extremely difficult, and I’ve always been in awe of those who know how to do it.

Alejandro Palomas is one of those authors– he has always written poetry, and in recent years he’s been able to find the right themes and the perfect editor to publish them. Letraversal does an extraordinary job: it takes bravery to publish poetry, and they’ve managed to make it into a beautiful book, beautiful like Alejandro’s words.

His latest title, Y UN DESPÉS, is about facing the emptiness left by a mother and understanding that nobody teaches us to be orphans. With an intimate and overwhelming voice, Palomas welcomes us into the intimacy of grief and embodies the pain, naked and pure, that emanates from absence. It is about the desire to see her again, becoming comfortable with living among memories, and discovering the woman who hides behind a mother. It is a precious, delicate collection of poems and the perfect gift to pay homage to mothers, without whom we would not be here.

Alejandro has made his novel UNA MADRE a longseller, just like UN HIJO and EL TIEMPO QUE NOS UNE,because in them we discover characters that steal our souls. And in this book of poems, the one who steals our soul is Alejandro himself– if you also have the privilege of being able to listen to him recite them, which we did on January 16th, in a full-to-the-brim theatre in Barcelona, it really leaves a lasting impression. So I encourage you to also become acquainted the poet Alejandro, because you will not be disappointed.


Author: Bruno Thursday 19 January 2023

Second recommendation of the year: this time, a proper crime novel. I have always confessed that I do not particularly like this genre, but in this case, I must say, I really like the author. To me, Jordi Solé is a consolidated author who has yet to publish a mediocre or bad novel. They are all excellent, and yet perhaps there are readers who still do not know him. For this reason, although LA NOCHE DE DAMBALLAH was published in Catalan by Columna years ago, a publisher like Alrevés, a specialist in genre, did not want to waste the opportunity to publish this novel in Spanish, despite years having passed. It has the quality and the furious pace that keep you turning the pages. This is how its publishers present it to us:

Early morning, Barcelona’s Zona Franca. On Lluís Artigas’ patrol car radio sounds a 10-50: “Someone has been killed”. The victim is a young Nigerian girl brutally murdered following what turns out to be a voodoo ritual. Artigas, a burned-out agent under suspicion of being corrupt, undertakes an unexpected search for those responsible for this crime. His only ally is Mónica Vidal, a journalist who will do anything for a story, and who is also besieged by her own demons.

LA NOCHE DE DAMBALLAH is a masterfully written novel, with a furious pace, the narrative pulse of crime classics, an ironic tone, and a cynical, always incisive voice. Jordi Solé shows us a little-known, greasy side of Barcelona, where often-unnoticed characters roam. The most compelling is the protagonist, Artigas, a policeman called to become a mythical antihero.

All that’s left is for me to add that I hope that this time the novel gets the recognition it deserves, because it really is a good one.


Author: Bruno Thursday 12 January 2023

To begin the year by recommending a novel that I loved when I received it, and that we have had to wait a long time for it to come out due to calendar issues, makes me especially excited.
Moreover, Francesc Soler is an author who already surprised us with his novel BARCELONA DEMÀ O AQUESTA TARDA, but EL SOMRIURE DELS DOFINS, on which the publishers at Columna have taken a chance, is another genre, very different, and I hope it can reach a large audience, as it deserves. This is a novel of initiation, of discovery of the world and of one’s own identity. The protagonist tells his story of childhood, adolescence, and youth as a sensitive child, condemned to grow up in an oppressive, small-town between the 80s and 90s.  He explains how he was able to overcome the pain and celebrate life thanks to his friendship with two fantastic women, thanks to books, and thanks to his innate resilience.
It is a tender story, well-written, and it comes at a time when LGBTIQ+ stories have a new platform in the literary world, because luckily the world is moving forward and the younger generations look at things from another perspective, especially issues such as sexuality. However, this is not a novel only for those who will identify directly with these themes, but rather a brilliant and necessary novel that everyone should read, and that I am sure will enjoy, because anyone can find common ground with the protagonist. As you progress in the reading of it, you progress in so many important things in life, and you cannot remain indifferent to this hard-hitting story that shines with a light of its own.


Author: Bruno Thursday 29 December 2022

A new year begins and we all have millions of expectations for what is to come, which is logical. However, I like to look back, see where I come from and thank the past year for all the good things it has given me and even the bad, since many times from what we consider “bad” we can learn something positive. So we say goodbye to 2022, for me a very productive and stable year, to enter 2023, with the desire to live it to the fullest, to continue trying to live in the present, to be happy with what I have, what I do and to be able to give the people around me what they need.
I have learned a lot about this by reading our non-fiction authors, who in different subjects have provided me with the necessary tools. The goal is to live life happily and at peace with yourself, to know how to face the obstacles that may come, so that once you think you have reached the top, you can keep climbing, as my friend and author Francesc Miralles has encouraged me to do in his Christmas greeting.
So here I leave you with all these titles, each one better than the last, so that 2023 will be an exceptional year for each of you.
From Sandra Bruna Literary Agency we wish you all the best and we are looking forward to sharing more books with each of you. Happy New Year and happy reading!

  1. La vida empieza cada día by Anne Igartiburu
  2. Los doce códigos del amor by Elva Abril
  3. La ley del reflejo by Xavier Guix
  4. Dinerograma by Nacho Mühlenberg
  5. Geniotipo by Tony Estruch
  6. Namasté by Francesc Miralles y Héctor García 
  7. El hábito hace al monje by Sonia Rico

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