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Reconnect with your magic

Author: Bruno Thursday 21 March 2024

This is the last blog before the Easter holidays, and I love to recommend a book like this one, which invites you to reconnect with the magic we all have inside. The latest book by Sonia Rico, who has already published Te amarás sobre todas las cosas and El hábito hace al monje, with success in Spanish and translations in several countries.

LA BRUJA QUE PERDIÓ LA MAGIA is a non-fiction book, including a fable. Sol is an extraordinary witch whose magic has vanished along with her broom. In her quest to recover what makes her unique, she embarks on a magical and exciting journey, but what if the secret of her power lies in an unexpected place? Perhaps, like the protagonist of this story, you too have lost the vital tool that makes you shine, and feel disconnected from your own magic. Whether you are looking to rediscover your essence or find your lost voice in a world of challenges, this captivating tale invites you to explore the power that lies within you.

Sonia invites you to join Sol on her journey through the enchanted forest, a journey full of learning and self-discovery. Find together with her the way to the true source of power that resides in each one of us. Do you dare to discover your own magic? In this book you will have the necessary tools to do so.

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