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Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Topic: Young
Number of pages: 399

Year 2050. The western democracies have fallen into a slow and irreversible spiral of degeneration, becoming authentic plutocracies.

In a globalized world, people’s signs of identity are sold in the market, through the most sophisticated techniques of online advertising. Since early childhood, boys and girls are bombarded on the internet and social networks with advertising tailored to their tastes, psychology and weaknesses, making them the ideal consumer, so that all the vital decisions of these people will be conditioned by their aspirations as consumers.

Education is no longer directed to the integration of people in the job market, but to the upbringing of ideal consumers.

Sara and Dani, two young people who represent the large brands, try to recover their freedom and, in order to do that, they need to break the rules.

Historia de Dani (Dani’s Story)

The readers of the novel will find, attached to the book, four RP cards associated with the launch of a YA novel entitled Dark Legend, whose URL ( appears in each card. Apparently, it is a major release by Walrus, a famous publishing house.

Everything seems to indicate that this is Dani Arenas’ secret novel (the protagonist of Historia de Dani, a footballer of the Kine brand) , but… how could it fall into the hands of a publisher? Who is behind all this? And the scribbles… who did them? Why do we get the impression that the fictional characters of this alleged novel are telling something to the reader?

Through a blog, and with the help of the readers themselves, little by little the answers to these questions will be revealed.

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