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Italiano: Giunti
Portugués (Portugal): Presença
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Genre: Contemporary novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages:

You don’t need seven lifetimes to be happy if you’re willing to try with all your might in this one.

Nagore’s life has been a succession of calamities since she separated from her partner and was fired from her last job. On the verge of losing her flat for non-payment, an old friend finds her an unusual job: waitress at the Neko Café, a café where seven cats wait to find an owner among the customers who come to spend the afternoon. Having been terrified of felines since she was a child, after her first refusal, desperation makes Nagore sign a one-month trial contract. What is initially chaotic at first becomes a transformative experience as the days go by. Each of the seven Neko (“cat” in Japanese) masters will teach her a key to the art of living, such as serenity, concentration, flexibility or the authenticity of the heart, among other values that she will apply to her daily life until she turns her life around.

A novel that shows us that it is always possible to find your place in life, set in one of the cat cafés that are so popular in big cities.

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