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Genre: Contemporary novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 232

Berta is about to turn seventeen years old. Her father, a writer of a certain success, died one year ago after a brutal aggression by a group of skinheads. Since then her mother has turn into a sort of ghost, a being without energy or personality, always filled of antidepressants and tranquilizers.

Berta fights to understand the world since a furious and radical individualism: she rebels against everyone who wants to make her a victim – teachers, psychologists, classmates – and, at the same time, as her only way of escaping and console herself, recovers her father’s work: to become a cold, distant and omniscient narrator of the instants that have marked her father’s life. She tries to discover the bonds of the familiar history that have remained undone.

The family’s past is converted by Berta narrator – who steals her father’s words, searching in the files hidden by her mother – in a series of mythological stories in which reality, memory and fiction get scrambled. These stories mix with the teen experiences of Berta, and are useful for her to explain herself and to make her search for a new identity.

In every family there are bonds that can not be undone.

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