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Castellano: Destino


Genre: Contemporary novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 160

Maria Barbal’s new novel after the international recognition of Tándem.

“Remembering that summer is like looking back at paradise before passing through a door that will leave it behind forever.”

For Nora, a twelve-year-old girl, going on Sundays to the lake, a very beautiful and quiet place of changing colors, is a delightful experience. Except for Quim, who is seven, everyone in the group accompanying her is an adult. Each of them harbors their own longings, and she observes them and does not always think she understands them, but on the last morning at the lake, as a result of a conflict between the elders and Quim’s daring, Nora will suddenly awaken from the dream of childhood.

Maria Barbal’s new work after the international recognition of Tándem is a novel of great emotional intensity about longing, beauty, the passing of time and the meaning of happiness.

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