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El Vino del Alquimista (The Wine of the Alquimist)

Genre: Thriller
Topic: Ficción
Number of pages: 328

A world-wide adventure to recover a lost relic: the wine that grants to those who drink it an existential knowledge unprecedented for humanity

Víctor Morell, a sommelier in low hours, receives from an anonymous emissary an unusual mission: to find a unique bottle, known among the initiates as the wine of the alchemist. Disappeared almost two centuries ago, the writings of the time assure that this wine grants to those who drink it an existential knowledge unprecedented for humanity. Victor embarks on an uncertain and dangerous journey that will take him from the vineyards of the Catalonia to the remote landscapes of Turkestan, passing through Paris, Saint Petersburg or the hills of Tuscany.

But he’ll soon realize he’s not the only one chasing the relic. While competing with Sofia, a neuropsychiatrist convinced that the properties of wine alter the conscience of those who drink it, powerful pharmacists, business emporiums and esoteric organizations step on their heels in a relentless race to get hold of it. But who among them will be able to unravel the secrets of the alchemist’s wine? And what price will he have to pay for it?

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