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Genre: Thriller
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages:

Blood for blood: the forest doesn’t get out. A creepy horror novel with supernatural dyes that will catch you to the end. With 70 years to come, Hamlet, the famous serial killer, spends his days in the dark dream of re-painting the bullying scenes that worry the police.

Twenty years ago, he was imprisoned in a maximum security prison, but in spite of this, a new body has appeared with his unmistakable signature in the quiet and remote Cain Valley.

The tragic event has awakened the Slicer, a devilish and bloodthirsty being who, in popular belief, lived only in old legends. So far… the Slicer and his entourage have come to the call of blood and claim their domains in the woods with their particular signature: cut arms and legs.

Hamlet and the oldest woman in the place are the only people who can help the police unravel the case.

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