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Genre: Social critism
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 208

At age six, Intisar realized that boys could do much more than girls. And she didn't like like this at all. She wanted to have the same freedom to them. After thinking about it for a long time, she came up with an idea. She thought that if she spoke as a boy, walked as a boy, and acted as a boy, she would become a boy. His plan seemed to work until she was a teenager.

Now, Intisar is twenty-seven years old, and continues using many stratagems to conquer these small areas of freedom that allow you to be happy.

While driving her Corolla 84 through the streets of Saná, listening to music, Intisar shares with us some reflections and anecdotes about her life. They are surprising, funny, touching and a bit dramatic stories. Through them, we discover the hermetic world of Yemen's women and we gradually submerged in the complex reality of the country.

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