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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 23 June 2016


This week we celebrate San Juan. On June the 23rd, it’s the eve party night and we welcome the summer with firecrackers and rockets. This is the shortest night of the year but also one of the most intense, which many describe as magical. For me, it’s a party I especially like because it is celebrated among friends and family but also because it announces the beginning of the summer season, with more light, livelier people, eager to enjoy the well-deserved vacations and to try to put aside the harshness of the rest of the year in order to enjoy a little bit more of everything. We loosen up and let more fluidity get in our lives, with less strict schedules and more improvised lunches and dinners, terraces and moments spent with friends, even on weekdays. So, San Juan eve has for everyone its meaning but it is a celebration day for everyone, and joy is the main course in every home. That’s why Care Santos has dedicated a book to that special party, published by editorial Base. I highly recommend the reading of that book for young ones, and especially during these dates where books take a second place, I am aware of that, but luckily it is not the case for stories. Stories should always be part of our lives and part of the daily lives of the children, so that the habit of reading becomes a pleasure instead of an obligation.

Care Santos also just got a novel published, for older kids between 8 and 10 years-old, and for those who like the culinary subject, which is very fashionable these days with television programs that are audience leaders, such as MasterChef. Care has created the character LAURA CHEF, a girl who has signed up for a cooking course during the summer and this book will be her notebook of master classes with professor Lechuga (Lettuce, in English), a worldwide known chef. This is the perfect book to make our kids’ holidays start with a smile, to make them feel like reading and perhaps like cooking too, a perfect activity that can be shared with the family, without getting burned. There will be more books about Laura, because I’m sure that the little readers will devour the first one in no time at all. This is not a reading only for girls, because we have noticed that the cooking theme is appreciated by all genders, although girls will more likely feel identified with the character that Care has embroidered.

As for now there is only one in the market, but you can mix LAURA CHEF’s reading with the four previously published books from the YES WE DANCE series. It is the story of a group of girls whose passion is dancing and that will also get to travel to New York and some more countries too, on tour with their idols and fulfilling their dream. Nevertheless, they will soon realize that the lives of celebrities are not as great as it seems and that fame has a price. KITCHEN AND DANCE, here are two of the currently fashionable things, so that the kids can have ensured a good reading, and also the children that don’t discard to have a look to these little girls’ adventures, because you always learn.

Finally, we have the ideal books for the teens: EBLUS trilogy, by Care Santos, which I already mentioned previously on this blog, and also Santi Baró’s book entitled L’EFECTE CALDERS, winner of the 2016 Joaquim Ruyra prize. The novel does not pretend to be a tiresome book about the Catalan writer Pere Calders, because it makes a portrait of him and his literature which is really great. Xavier, the main character, has some problems making friends, he is a great comics reader and the only thing he wants is to avoid his parents, so that they let him spend a quiet august month in Llançà, one of the most beautiful fishing villages on the Catalan coast, where the unexpected friendship with the eccentric writer Pere Calders, who also spend his summers there, will change the path of his life.

These are the five readings we recommend for these holidays, for different age groups. The parents who are disoriented, like us, but still believe that reading is a pleasure and a habit that the young ones have to see at home, won’t let down their children if we recommend them some of these mentioned adventures. A good book is a great traveling partner; you already know that, don’t forget it and let’s enjoy it.

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