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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 19 May 2016

Some of us want to believe that LOVE can save a lot of things. I’ve always thought that love has a lot of shapes, there are different ways of loving, but with love, you can achieve your goals. People who believe that giving love to others, they make the world better, I think they’re completely right. Nevertheless, the human race is so selfish that hardly anyone shows love without asking for something in exchange, and in the end that’s what makes LOVE in big letters fail in some occasions. Giving without receiving is love in its purest state, but let’s think of who really applies it to their daily life, every day. Do we?


Care Santos, in her trilogy Eblus (Ediciones B in Spanish), shows us that love is the only thing that stops the worst and most dangerous creature in history. The devil himself will run into something he wasn’t expecting: love. Natalia will be the only obstacle that he’ll find in his long trail of evil, and his obsession with her will end up driving him crazy. Will love beat evil? A historic battle that Care Santos forcefully throws into the ring so nobody will want to stop reading this trilogy that will show us a family’s curse, which will scar the lives of the Albás’ families, and of which they don’t know how to escape. The truth of the curse is only known by Eblus, a devil who doesn’t forget nor forgive, but who’s more human than he wants to confess in some things. Care publishes three excellent novels once again, majestic, and in which there’s a lot of reflection wrapped in adventure. An A+ for this author, who doesn’t stop surprising us, and who made me think that there may be a lot like Eblus in our society, but that we can beat them if we want. Me, I do. And you?

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