Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 5 May 2022

Héctor Garcia is an author I rarely see. He lives in Japan and, with Francesc Miralles has published several bestsellers; the most popular is Ikigai, which has been translated into 67 languages. Under the name of Kirai, he wrote Un geek en Japón, another well-known title. He is an atypical author, quiet, hard-working and one of those who is a pleasure to work with. He respects the workflow and knows very well the role of each one member that works in the  publishing world. Despite being a rational and calm person, he also takes on challenges, such as writing a science fiction novel titled La era de la eternidad, a novel that mixes thriller and romance. It is set in Japan. Although I’m not very fond of the science fiction genre but I really enjoyed this book. It has it all: culture, love, mystery and has the ability of making the reader think thanks to a thrilling story that tries to explain where our society is heading to. A novel that will appeal to those who love the genre, but also to those who do not. Totally recommended.

Nathan’s life, a lonely watch designer, takes a mysterious turn after finding an old photo with Mia. She was his platonic love when he was a teenager, but their love never went beyond the limits of his imagination. Mia moved to Japan with her family just before starting her university studies, separating them forever. Twenty years later, life leads Nathan to take a plane to Kyoto, where an adventure he could never have imagined awaits him.

La era de la eternidad is a technological thriller set in Japan and also a romance novel that brilliantly reflects on what it means to be human in an increasingly virtual society.

Those of you who already know Héctor and his nonfiction side, do not miss this novel, which is a perfect ten. And those of you who have yet to discover him, start wherever you want; one of Héctor’s charms is that whatever he does, he does it well. Happy reading!

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