Author: Bruno Thursday 17 November 2022

It’s been almost a month since we returned from the Frankfurt Book Fair, a fair where international publishers have been looking for more non-fiction books than fiction books. This business is a pendulum swing, and now it is the turn of the non-fiction concepts to win the game. However, we never give up, and we keep moving the fiction we believe in, against all odds, because we know that at any moment this can change. Now, books like Sonia Rico‘s are catching our attention. She publishes this week in Terapias Verdes (Urano) EL HÁBITO HACE AL MONJE: PEQUEÑOS PASOS PARA TRANSFORMAR TU VIDA (THE HABIT MAKES THE MONK: SMALL STEPS TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE). From the reference that Sonia makes with this popular saying, she transmits us that it is our habits that shape the people we are. What we think, feel, and do shapes our existence every day. We often think that it is the big events that are going to significantly change our existence and we forget that our life is a reflection of what we constantly repeat, both what is good for us and the opposite.

A fulfilling existence is possible through training, like almost everything else in life. But, for that, it is necessary to learn some things and unlearn many others. Here is the key to the question: Do you feel unhappy at certain times? Do you live under stress or suffer from anxiety? Do your negative thoughts deceive you? Do you find it difficult to live simply? Do you fail to love your environment in an altruistic and unconditional way? Do your daily chores weigh you down? Do you think your life could be better?

Sonia Rico’s book offers a new way of looking at and going through one’s life. The author, who is a yoga teacher, therapist and experienced coach, teaches us, through various resources, that we have all the conditions to be happy. We have everything in our hands to achieve it, we just have to train ourselves with small steps, which we can take every day. A philosophy for us to be able to live being present and to appreciate the beauty of life. Many people wrongly wait for happiness to come, but happiness is already within us. And to learn how to operate with it you must read Sonia’s book and know which things you should integrate in your daily life, and which ones you should eliminate.

Buddha was not a God, nor a magical being. He simply developed powerful habits that helped him to take care of his body, his mind, and his relationship with the world. Many of his teachings were passed down to Buddhist monks to be practised daily. Best of all, you too can incorporate them into your life, so don’t wait any longer… and get into the habit!

Can you imagine appreciating the beauty of life in every moment, enjoying every moment without waiting for the extraordinary, loving your daily chores, living without stress or anxiety, and finding your balance? The coach and author of TE AMARÁS TE SOBRETAS LAS COSAS, her previous book, has created a manual for you to transform your existence. A guide based on the habits of Buddhist monks so that you can enjoy your days with calm, plenitude, and harmony. A clear, short, and simple book so that we can all be happy every day and not dream that we can be happy one day, because as another wise man told me: Happiness is small moments of joy, live them or you will die waiting for that Great moment that may never come.

Some Tibetan monks have been called the happiest people in the world. Something you too can achieve, through practice. Worldly life is a magical path, full of challenges and learning. You may just need to open your soul’s eyes and get ready to walk. This book facilitates a new way of being in your life: finding your true essence beyond thoughts, loving your daily tasks, simplifying your days, and savouring them slowly, accepting the flow of existence and, above all, cultivating compassion for yourself, for all beings and for everything around you. When you feel that your life is a miracle, you will unfold the unconditional love and energy needed to live in true balance.

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