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Tu voz invisible (Your Invisible Voice)

Author: Bruno Wednesday 27 March 2024

In a hauntingly familiar country, Argentine reporter Clara Guinzburg returns to Spain to interview a famous writer. However, it will be a first step to uncover the brutal truth hidden in her childhood, and behind her mother’s death 30 years earlier

Argentine journalist Clara Guinzburg returns to Spain to interview Nora Rizzo, an internationally successful writer, although her journey is overshadowed by the discovery of a family secret that is the perfect script for the novel she dreams of writing.

Her mother, who died 30 years ago when she was barely three years old, left an enigmatic folder that the journalist discovers by chance where she had lived as a child: In the summer of 1988 her mother had a romantic relationship with a man who would end her daughter’s life before committing suicide. Clara is not only surprised by this revelation, but also that her mother died shortly after that crime in the same Valencian town where that tragedy happened.

Clara Guinzburg wants to fit the puzzle of an unknown past and, at the same time, write her first novel. However, his attempt to reveal that enigma will open Pandora’s box: someone is not willing to return that past with all its silences.

El Vino del Alquimista (The Wine of the Alquimist)

Author: Bruno Monday 11 March 2024

A world-wide adventure to recover a lost relic: the wine that grants to those who drink it an existential knowledge unprecedented for humanity

Víctor Morell, a sommelier in low hours, receives from an anonymous emissary an unusual mission: to find a unique bottle, known among the initiates as the wine of the alchemist. Disappeared almost two centuries ago, the writings of the time assure that this wine grants to those who drink it an existential knowledge unprecedented for humanity. Victor embarks on an uncertain and dangerous journey that will take him from the vineyards of the Catalonia to the remote landscapes of Turkestan, passing through Paris, Saint Petersburg or the hills of Tuscany.

But he’ll soon realize he’s not the only one chasing the relic. While competing with Sofia, a neuropsychiatrist convinced that the properties of wine alter the conscience of those who drink it, powerful pharmacists, business emporiums and esoteric organizations step on their heels in a relentless race to get hold of it. But who among them will be able to unravel the secrets of the alchemist’s wine? And what price will he have to pay for it?


Author: Bruno Monday 11 March 2024

The comeback of inspector Marcela Pieldelobo, embarked on a time-trial investigation where everyone lies and no one seems to be in a hurry to find an eminent kidnapped businessman

Francisco Sarasola, an important real estate developer in Pamplona, has disappeared without a trace. Hours after the complaint, the family receives a message in which the businessman can be seen badly injured on the ground. They demand a million euros in exchange for their life. A few days later, the deputy director of the company vanishes and the young lover of the businessman is found dead in the toilets of the train station.

Sarasola is a difficult man, accustomed to doing his will without worrying about the consequences of his actions. During the investigation, Pieldelobo finds a family little distressed: a son eager to take the reins of the company; another weak, controlled by his young wife, and a third who is just a scared boy. The first wife openly hates him, and the second, devoted to tarot, fears him and tries to please him to avoid his anger. Blackmail and extortion, threats and violence, deep-rooted hatreds that suffocate them and prevent them from moving forward. The Sarasola family knows that their obligation is to collaborate in the search for Francis, but it is so easy to live without him.

El asesino de la máscara Noh

Author: Bruno Tuesday 6 February 2024

An unusual case has disoriented the police of Barcelona: in the tunnel of an abandoned metro station, a body appears in conditions difficult to explain and harder to believe. The corpse has had part of its face ripped off and a mask from the traditional Noh theatre in Japan has been placed in its place.

When the police unit in charge of the case is trying to understand what has led a person to commit such a crime, a second body appears in similar conditions. Next to her, lies the documentation of the ex-girlfriend of inspector Andreu Martí, who will face the most difficult case of his career.

The confident

Author: Bruno Wednesday 30 August 2023

A thrilling fight on multiple fronts against an increasing war of gangs, written by an undeniable expert in criminology known for his impactful black novels.

Based on the war of gangs that occupied the headlines in Barcelona between 2016 and 2017, Xavier Álvarez presents his new astonishing novel:

Emilio, a Colombian’s FARC ex-militar with a dark past, Raül, a father unable to forget his son, and Esmeralda, a Colombian victim of internal drug trafficking conflicts now infiltrated in the criminal organization, will put to the limit Sargent Elisa Codina and Caporal Jordi Carter. These two members of the Catalan police shall fight in all kinds of scenarios, in order to put an end to an increasing bloodbath and the criminal organizations behind it.

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