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Author: Bruno Tuesday 24 January 2023

Blood for blood: the forest doesn’t get out. A creepy horror novel with supernatural dyes that will catch you to the end. With 70 years to come, Hamlet, the famous serial killer, spends his days in the dark dream of re-painting the bullying scenes that worry the police.

Twenty years ago, he was imprisoned in a maximum security prison, but in spite of this, a new body has appeared with his unmistakable signature in the quiet and remote Cain Valley.

The tragic event has awakened the Slicer, a devilish and bloodthirsty being who, in popular belief, lived only in old legends. So far… the Slicer and his entourage have come to the call of blood and claim their domains in the woods with their particular signature: cut arms and legs.

Hamlet and the oldest woman in the place are the only people who can help the police unravel the case.


Author: Bruno Monday 23 January 2023

Susana Rodríguez Lezaun returns as her expected new novel from the series starring Marcela Pieldelobo.

Inspector Pieldelobo is still in the spotlight of her superiors at the Pamplona police station following irregularities in the resolution of a case of triple murder involving a powerful Opus Dei family.

A National Police operative against drug trafficking as infiltrating agents complicates when the young Elur Amézaga appears murdered in Bera, a small town in Navarre very close to France. Elur is a confidant of the police and bride of a prominent local Abertzale leader, and everything points to the fact that the culprit of his death is Inspector Fernando Ribas, Marcela’s friend (as well as Marcela’s mistress and mentor when she entered the Corps more than ten years ago), but Marcela resists believing that Ribas, despite all his defects, was also a corrupt policeman.

Prompted to clarify what happened, inspector Pieldelobo ignores both anonymous blackmail and the indications of police forces, who insist on resolving this case as soon as possible, and the threats of the abertzale environment, which does not want verse involved in a drug-related case. Once again, she will follow her instinct and launch a dangerous time trial that will endanger her life in the mushroom lands between France and Navarre.


Author: Bruno Monday 7 November 2022

Elena Maldonado, una prestigiosa psicóloga del barrio de Salamanca, recibe un mensaje en el que alguien asegura que va a asesinar a uno de sus pacientes y que ella tendrá que decidir cuál y cómo debe morir. Al principio le parece una broma pesada, pero pronto descubrirá que su anónimo titiritero conoce todos sus secretos y que, si no sigue las reglas del juego, su hija correrá un grave peligro.

La buena noticia es que Elena sabe cómo funciona la mente de las personas. La mala es que la crueldad de su acosador parece ser totalmente inhumana. ¿Quién es y por qué la odia tanto? ¿Desde cuándo la acompaña? ¿Acaso está compartiendo su día a día con un sádico asesino sin saberlo?

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